Did Clinton echo Hitler?

This meme was sent in by Xanthippa:

Well we know for a fact that Clinton said exactly that and quite recently:

Now its about Hitler:

I’d say that is a yes. It also reminds us of Nazism’s far left wing extremism as well, what with the “capitalism” and all.

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  1. And Communism’s murderous reach:
    “‘It was a bad day, cold and gloomy,’ she said of the February morning in 1944 when the entire entire nation was banished from their mountain homeland in the Trans-Causacus.

    ‘We were put in a train and taken … no one knew where.

    ‘Railway carriages were stuffed with people – dirt, rubbish, excrement was everywhere.'”

    The same with the common purpose of Western European governments to diversify the populations with mass immigration, using the same methods of Stalin and Mao of Class Warfare to unite under the boot of a Superstate of Comrades, afraid to ever speak their minds.

    Hate Crimes then and now.

  2. It also reminds us of Nazism’s far left wing extremism as well, what with the “capitalism” and all.

    Really good catch there, Eeyore, with respect to Capitalism. Innit curious how the Left despises both Capitalism and the Jews. Coincidence? I don’t think so! We all know who the real brown shirts are.

    • ” We all know who the real brown shirts are . ”
      Yup . Same all over Europe , keep mixing reds and greens and it turns into a brown mess , for everyone to see who isn’t colorblind ( or deaf and dumb ..)

    • The Left moved to the Far Left. How did we get there?

      The Right abandoned their position.

      The fatherless, (those abandoned, rejected and ignored), birthed Homosexuals, Socialists and Dhimmis. The female became the imprinter of their personalities and the masculine became the lost universe. This Nature gave Feminists the natural-order of ascendency to power.

      But then came resentment. The Anti-Woman. The Transgenders, Communists and Muhammadans. What they feared and hated, they supplanted.

      These men all know exactly what women want. For them, women are second-class citizens: fag-bags, cage fighters, and whores. The Mary-Sues fitted over them to serve The Narrative.

      They can’t be allowed to be women; the Transgenders, Communists and Muhammadans have filled their voices and spaces.

      But these strong before the weak and weak before the strong, now fear from within their ranks a new creature: the National Socialists, the Fascists. Their hardcore Doms. The perfect anti-Man.

      A for-life dictator shall rise among them.

      • The Far-Right. These standing in the place of the Right. Justs as the Far Left stood in the place of the Left.

        They went through Eve and then she weakened Adam. And rather than admit it he blamed her.

        So we are now fixing her kingdom, International Socialism or National Socialism.

        Evoking God in rejection or submission, but never G_d, who does not dwell in these demi-devils.

  3. It’s always something.
    “Antisemitism has existed with and without Christianity—

    With and without the right wing,
    With and without the left wing,
    With and without democracy,
    With and without economic problems,
    With and without globalization,
    With and without a Jewish homeland—

    And, perhaps most tellingly, with and without Jews.”

  4. Yes she did, she has probably read all of his speeches so she can steal things the left will like. She just thinks we are too stupid to realize what she is doing.

  5. I found Hillary’s comment particularly chilling just as I find the Black Lives Matter chant, “No justice, no peace!” chilling. What they mean is that there will be no element of cooperation or negotiation or discourse or diplomacy or anything else, only total victory or total defeat. They also mean that the system will not be allowed to function at all if they are not the victors. There will be no bipartisanship. And did you catch the dead look in her eyes as she said it? I really think old Hillary would like nothing more than to put her deplorables in little camps and gas them like bugs…

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