ANTIFA attacks GoP HQ, backed by Democrat principles

Some singularity important points are made in this video which make it more than the usual outrage and finger pointing. The left is reverting to its timeless tactic of accusing those who point out their methods and results of mental illness. A Soviet, among others, method for avoiding real issues, and destroying opponents, and often a prelude to murder.

H/T Richard

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  1. They warn that this is just the beginning, believe them. They are following the pattern of the Brown and Black Shirts in Nazi Germany, first comes the vandalism and harassing people in public places. Next comes the organized beatings and then the organized murders, Don’t expect this to stop, it is going to increase and will turn into a major guerrilla war between the Far Left and all who oppose them.

    These attacks are one more hit on the rule of law, things are going to get real nasty before this is over.

    Pay close attention to the claims by the left that those who are against them have a mental illness, if they ever gain power they will start disappearing their political enemies into mental hospitals for brainwashing/conditioning to become good Marxists.

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