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4 Replies to “Update on the subway stabbing of a woman and child to death by muslim migrant”

  1. Who cares. You accept Muslims, take them to your bosom, what do you expect? I’ve lived with Muslims and wouldn’t trust them to hold Schumer’s leash.

  2. And there you have it the coverupp ladies and gentleman .
    The woman states that he made cutting marks across the babys throat and thats a lie .
    That sick muslim bastard beheaded the baby the guy who had it on video his house was raided to confiscate the film .
    The government was afraid it would come out into the public domain .

  3. This horrific, what are they import to the country??!!, Third world savages!!, Merkel have a blood in Her hands , Hid have mercy for that innocent baby , horror , horror…

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