Media gone wild, Hitler’s distant relative forced into anti-Trump narrative: Links 1, Oct. 8, 2018

I feel I should add, please do watch Faith Goldy’s video in item three. It’s both good, and important. Laura Loomer nails them several times in ways that must be done, and which they are clearly not used to. One example is when they try to tell them that its illegal for them to try to enter, when the truth is that it is illegal for them to discriminate on the basis of religion.

Adding this one as well.

1. This may be the worst journalism I have ever seen. They may as well have just made the whole thing up. They clearly went into this non-person’s home to get a predetermined story and when he had the opposite views of the ones they wanted, they spun it to get what they wanted anyway.

Clearly they hoped that he hated Merkel and loved Trump. Then they could say, “See! Hitler’s nephew (but if you read it all, you see its really a nephew of a nephew) loves Trump and hates Merkel, so Trump is clearly a Nazi and Merkel is a great leader! But as he had the opposite views, they spun it that Trump is too awful even for this Hitler (great) nephew but what a reasonable guy, he thinks Merkel is doing a great job!

Its also likely they do not care one bit how they may have ruined this guy’s life for a totally spun story about nothing.

2. More astonishingly bad journalism.

Groups of people stage protests to oppose the new Quebec government, but all claim the protests are anti racist.

Yet NOT ONE of these people ever protested any of the imams in Quebec, of which there are many, who openly call for the killing of all Jews, or all homosexuals, or subjugation of women or death to those who leave Islam. Not one. Or to any of the university crowd that preach hatred of White people.

So the protests are against the Quebec government. But they are FOR racism.

This CTV video is the clearest propaganda.

3. Faith Goldy’s video on the events in Toronto this weekend.

4. The Democrats and Keyser Soze

(This is a great read)

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled,” advised Keyser Soze, “was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


One of the best lines in movie history, uttered by the recently unpersonned Kevin Spacey in his Oscar-winning turn in The Usual Suspects, it has the benefit of being true.

Not to plot-spoil it for readers who have not found time in the past quarter-century to see this two-hour tour de force, the twist of the tale is that, not only does the devil very much exist, he takes the form you would least suppose.


That is, he feigns weakness, innocence, and vulnerability, even as he exercises wickedness, power, and control.

The trouble for Democrats in recent days is that their disguise has become transparent.

5. European Union army ACTIVATED and ready to replace NATO reveals German Defence minister

Ursula von der Leyen claimed a legal framework now exists for a European Defence Union.

The German Defence Minister also discussed developing a structure that tells Europeans when to use their “forces”.

Speaking on Uncut with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Ms von der Leyen declared: “The structures that have been ‘sleeping’ for a long time inside the Treaty of Lisbon – now we have activated them.

“That means we now have a legal framework for a European Defence Union, we have a joint planning process, so that as Europeans we can also develop a structure that tells us when we are going to use our forces.”

Thank you Xanthippa. M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., and all who sent in links this (for Canada) long weekend.

More to come.

Most likely quite a lot more.

Like this for instance:

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4 Replies to “Media gone wild, Hitler’s distant relative forced into anti-Trump narrative: Links 1, Oct. 8, 2018”

  1. 4 – The disguise of the Dems as the party of the ordinary people that cares for the little people has been stripped away from them and people are seeing them for what they really are. They are evil people whose goal is the enslavement of the vast majority of people in the US and eventually the entire world. Not everyone has seen through the disguise but enough have that the Dems are now struggling to maintain a hold on any type of power, the war isn’t over but more and more people are coming over to our side.

  2. Just saw the Faith Goldy/Laura Loomer video from the Toronto Muslim conference. i was already familiar with Faith Goldy but this was my first experience seeing Laura Loomer. I am impressed with her! Such an amazing level of energy and rational thinking when dealing with a hostile enemy. I’ll be paying more attention to her now…

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