President Trump on Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Meanwhile, ANTIFA shows the world what fascists actually do:

Eventually, Police had to arrest far left wing extremist protestors

“This is a good day for America, and a good day for the senate. We stood up for the presumption of innocence…”

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10 Replies to “President Trump on Kavanaugh’s confirmation”

  1. I wish I could say that this will end the violence and the attempted semi soft coup, I wish but I can’t, the left knows that this appointment means that for at least 20 years the Supreme Court will rule according to the strict letter of what is written in the Constitution and the laws. All of the great social (Marxist) advances (disasters) were made because activists Judges wrote law instead of enforcing laws. These illegal Judge written laws won’t be overturned all at once but slowly one at a time they will be removed from the books. The left can’t let that happen unless they are willing to give up their goal of turning the US into a Marxist Dictatorship. They won’t give up their goal and now that it can’t be done peacefully they will take to the streets in riots and eventually targeted assassinations of political enemies to try and force us to allow them to take over.

    Plus given how Justice Ginsburg is looking and acting she may not last until the 2020 election, her retirement/death combined with a Trump victory in 2020 will drive the left to massive violence.

    • Or the left could be heading for one enormous “Disco sucks!” moment and are about to go as out of style as the plaid sports jacket. Paul Joseph Watson claims there is a huge conservative demographic hiding behind the Millenials who might just roll their eyes at the mention of “safe spaces” and “women must be believed even when they’re lying” and other left-wing orthodoxies…

      Remember, the only things backing up the left are bullshit and intimidation and those things tend to stop working once they’ve been exposed and people can see what’s going on…

      And you know what? When I see a gang of Antifa types in their masks and their body armor and their weedy bodies I don’t exactly see a terrifying disciplined enemy force. I see a bunch of badly behaved losers-with-hangovers who are going to seriously fade away at the first sign of real opposition. I guess I’m saying that I’m not too afraid of those sad little pukes and neither should anybody else be…

      • You aren’t looking close enough, behind the useful idiot students there is a hard corp of very nasty people who are committed to forcing the US to the far left. These are the antifa types who are controlling that movement in Europe but are holding back in the US to see what they are really facing.

        • Eurotrash time lag might do them in.

          We the People are almost ready for them.
          Our courts must also be ready for them too, one prosecutor, one judge at a time. That’s why Soros has been so frenetic in efforts to buy local DAs.

  2. I just hope (against hope) that Justice Kavanaugh will be able to live in peace now that he has been confirmed. Considering the behaviour of the left, however, I am not optimistic. He will be hounded, and Senator Collins and the others who decided the vote as well.

    • They will be hounded and the violence will get worse, look up the terror attacks in Europe during the 60s and 70s, the left is not going to stop just because they lost an election.

      The people we need to worried about aren’t the vast majority of the antifa protesters but instead the hard corp of their leaders and the ones who are armed with various weapons like the Trench Club we saw used earlier this year. The antifa leaders hang back and try not to be identified but remain close enough to direct the activities of the expendables on the front line. These handlers are the ones who will (for the most part) maintain their cover and activist professors during the day but will direct (and at times carry out) terror attacks of various types when they think it is safe.

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