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3 Replies to “Major terror bust of a Shiite mosque in France”

  1. The “Resistance” is a seductive term when placed in the wrong mind. Romantic and evocative, it will compel impressionables to sacrifice themselves for the wrong side. Just an observation.

  2. Looks like the Shittes tag-teamed with the French MB to respond to the terror-sweep. Slimy PR integration. Primarily funded by Qatar.

    Intramural tardish games on French soil. Those pix of Bibi with Saudi Royal family are typical devices of political Islam in Europe. Shittes are very much a minority in France, so the pitch is to the jooo-hating generic Eurotard.

    • Interesting note: i21 is Israeli.
      Israel is revealing its role in breaking up this terrorist cell. It’s been THE prime source of intelligence on jihadis for years. Always in the shadows.

      An increasingly tardish Europe means increasing antagonism against the Jewish State. Think Sweden, or Ireland. Euros have to be made aware of the benefits they derive from the relationship.

      Hugh Fitzgerald wrote the following in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to impose a total arms embargo on Israel if he were to become prime minister of the UK:

      “It is the U.K. that would be shooting itself in the foot, by damaging so dramatically its relations with the one Western country that, because of its long experience of dealing with Islamic terrorism and terrorist networks, knows best how to uncover, infiltrate, foil, and fight them. The knowledge Israel has acquired has been shared with the West, and has helped to have saved Western lives.

      “Corbyn may not know this. Were he to become Prime Minister, he would then be privy to all sorts of secrets. He would learn the full extent of the terrorist threat inside the U.K. He would learn, too, how much the British, and other European, security services rely on information that is supplied by Israel.

      “Perhaps even that knowledge wouldn’t change his determination to impose an arms embargo, one that would spell the end of any cooperation with Israel.

      “Or perhaps, mugged by reality with the first terror attack that occurs when he is the resident of 10 Downing Street, he will shift course, and if not embrace, at least not push away, those “Zionists” that for now he so implacably disfavors.”

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