French government now producing quite a bit of anti-white-male propaganda


Does anyone think that this new French policy is because of the French white males who live in France, and who have in fact lived in France for thousands of years?

I’m gonna guess no.

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6 Replies to “French government now producing quite a bit of anti-white-male propaganda”

  1. One of the biggest mistakes the left makes is creating programs to solve problems that will only make the problem worse.

  2. WTF?? I have been working for over 30 years now, and I never experienced anything like this. Nor did my female colleagues.

    • I saw it once when I was a student.

      A couple of fellow students took the guy aside and threatened to give him a beating if it happened again. They would have, too. It stopped.

      Of course, I wasn’t in some lefty-artsy field, where these things seem to be common.

  3. This like these older Hollywood movies where, whenever a gang is on screen, it’s “multicultural”. Just put a few white extras in there to avoid stereotyping.

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