Canada, reshaping its institutions into leftist propaganda centres

After a conversation with a friend of ours here at VladTepesBlog about Soviet Marxist propaganda in Poland before the wall fell, and the resurgence of the more modern, and frankly more pernicious brand of it in the form of Postmodernism/Frankfurt School style Marxism Premium, I thought about some photos I took recently of the entrance way to the National Art Gallery of Canada. (unless its been renamed like Trudeau has to so much of Canada’s institutions)

These can be added to anyone’s ‘Yes, Canada is a communist country now’ file:

Try to remember: This was an “art” gallery. Now it’s a white guilt factory.

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4 Replies to “Canada, reshaping its institutions into leftist propaganda centres”

  1. Once the pressure cooker we use to call Western Nations explode because of idiotic actions like these the sane people are going to have a hard time preventing massive violence against our tormentors.

  2. “Humans now affect the Earth and its processes more than all other natural forces combined.”
    What a blatantly stupid statement in so many ways. Are they saying that humans are affecting the Earth more than the sun, or gravity, or the movements of the solar system? That’s just plain silly. Why would anybody say anything so obviously dumb…? The moon causes tides. What are we doing that’s as powerful as that? We’d all be dead in a few days if the sun disappeared. Are our car emissions and our deodorants supposed to equal that? This is the “Age of Hyperbole…”.

  3. Well said Chris Jones. Beside this why should we have this rammed down our throat at an art gallery? There is a time and place for everything and we are all aware of the ongoing environmental issues.

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