“The narcissistic victimology as root cause” of the destruction of freedom in the West

H/T Ted L.

This video above is very good.

Related: This was sent in today. it is a short recording of a grade ten teacher from an Ottawa high school inculcating tweens with the Marxist replacement for history and sociology that has become ubiquitous along side the daily reminder every child and cities must here at official meetings, that “we concede we are standing on unneeded Huron land”. Which is as much anti-White as it is also untrue.

Grade 10 teacher to Grade 10 class Ottawa.     

This is the only segment I got. But if this is as it appears to be, it’s pretty damning. And there was no mention at all of how other cultures or nations treat outsiders. Classic cultural Marxism and critical theory.


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5 Replies to ““The narcissistic victimology as root cause” of the destruction of freedom in the West”

  1. Although I will say this; the rise of China would not have been possible without China’s great creative impulse for technology thievery and mimmickry. This, unfortunately, seems to be the apex of their creative endeavors. The asian genome seems incapable of innovation and imagination whether it be in art, or science. I dare anyone to prove me wrong without resorting to some ancient citing, or scientific derivative of major western accomplishment. While they may inherit the earth by virtue of sheer numbers, humanity will not be saved without white genius.

    Sour grapes will never be so sweet as the poetry of white lamentations.

    • Without the theft of technology China would have remained an agrarian nation and wouldn’t be much of a threat to the world.

    • In this case I am not sure how much is the genome and how much is the cultures, they like various other cultures are very oriented towards heavy handed central control. Once they are removed from their home cultures the future generations have roughly the same percentage innovators as the Europeans.

      FYI I do think genetics plays a much bigger role in behaviors then is currently talked about.

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