Facebook now banning comedy that mocks the MSM

If anyone is keeping a file of evidence on whether or not the West, and its influences, cyber-nations, are communist or not, this might be worth dragging into that folder.

From Big League Politics:

One of the largest social media giants in the world banned a video that mocking the mainstream press for spinning every story into a hit piece on President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.


“The Firefighter” is a video created by DWECK comedy group, which had over 2.5 million views on YouTube before it was banned as “hate speech.”


In the beginning of the comedy sketch, the firefighter is being interviewed about saving an entire family from a burning building, and is called a hero. But then the interviewer then spins the narrative, showing the firefighter wearing a Make America Great Again hat and calls him a racist.


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4 Replies to “Facebook now banning comedy that mocks the MSM”

  1. Two things:
    1. That was sharply funny and very well done.
    B. What is to be done about the monopoly internet platforms becoming propaganda outlets?

  2. What the Left thinks is “funny” is a beheaded POTUS. They know no shame. I do, which is why I’m no longer of the Left.

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