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3 Replies to “Update on the Islamic attack on the Frog Club in Germany”

  1. Reading this is like going on a visit to Never-Never Land. These “asylum seekers” or whatever they are are known to have committed many crimes and yet THEY’RE STILL IN GERMANY. Try to imagine the situation in reverse: gangs of German criminals/louts/provide your own descriptor do this in Syria/Somalia/Iraq/Oman erc. and are allowed to stay! No, I can’t imagine it either.

    European leaders are working AGAINST the people, not for them. It’s time to fight back.

  2. This is the first or possibly the second in a growing string of attacks like this, the number of attacks will increase as will the level of violence. If the German government doesn’t move to stop thiese attacks the German people will have to, vigilante action takes place where the criminal justice (victim justice) system has broken down. In this case the government broke the system and will resist any move by the people to protect themselves.

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