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9 Replies to “BPS on Soros, Hungary, and the death of the EU”

  1. BPS is good and this one is very good, he lays out the problem and the most probable result of the attempt to make Europe into a single nation with a homogenized culture and a new foreign sub-culture that is demanding dominance over all of Europe. There is still enough European men to push the invaders back into the Med, it will be a hard bloody fight but it can be done.

  2. It’s hard to explain, and maybe impossible, but I don’t think the EU understands the Magyar psyche. Perhaps by force of an occupying army they will accept invaders, but it will end as it always has. In bloodshed. Yes, there are still Hungarian communists nostalgic for the old days. But these are now old idiots who should drop dead sooner rather than later.

    Hungarian impact on the world stage seems inversely proportionate to their world weight. Look here: http://www.famoushungarians.com/ , and here: https://welovebudapest.com/en/2014/12/17/famous-hungarians-you-didnt-know-were-hungarian/.

    When they are bad they are the diabolical worst. When they act for good they move Europe, innovate, and fight for freedom against muslims and communists. They are vulgar, profane and profound.

    Right now they are a rock in the River of Europe, around which the muslims and communists must swim. But for how long?

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