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4 Replies to “Carl Jung on Adolph Hitler”

  1. Adopting the tactics of the Left and its clever use of language as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), we of like minds should supplant the word “Islam” with Nazism. Much like the Left so effectively, yet unfairly, juxtaposes conservative luminaries with Nazism, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This time, however, it is true.

  2. FGS Hitler read the Koran in gaol and admired it and its emphasis upon results as opposed to morality. he was NEVER against religion per se but against Christianity which he saw as cowardly and weak and he had over 10,000 priests executed. He had 3 SS muslim divisions (13 , 21 & ?) and quite a few smaller battalion and regiment sized muslim units(tartars, Bosnian, Kazakhs etc.). Lenin also admired the pragmatism of muhammad and BOTH terror regimes are direct descendants of islam. IMO muhammad was a warlord first and foremost and allah was drafted in when his men let him down and ran in combat and he lost a battle (despite 80% of the loot and slaves) The promise of heaven and its houris & the fatalism in islam are both designed to make them push that last 10 yards in the face of death. Compare the rewards islam offers its “martyrs” to those offered to Nazi, Japanese and soviet soldiers. That was the mistake that both non religious ideologies made. HOWEVER by 1944 converting Nazism into a religion was well under way and had Germany won(moot by 1944) there would be no Jews, no gypsies and Hitler would be the new Muhammad and allah would be German.

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