Jordan Peterson nails it again

For those curious about either the veracity or the novelty of Goodle’s willingness to translate its biases into action, spend as much time as you feel its worth into researching Matt Cutts, former VP of Google, his world-renowned skills as a search engine manipulator, and his simultaneous work with the White House, Pentagon, and Google.

I may have a detail or two incorrect as its from memory. So do not take my word for it here. Do some research. It is no small thing.

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5 Replies to “Jordan Peterson nails it again”

  1. Twitter….a bastion of bastards !! The hard drive of the mind of the looney leftists has been replaced with a 8 track cassette programed with one thought.

  2. I post this here because I will not post in the place of the lunatic leftists ! Jordan Peterson for Prime Minister of Canada ??. The lunatic left is happy with the uneducated fool whose only credentials for being the leader of their world is a part time drama teacher and ski instructor ! Justin Trudeau is so much less than a puppet !!

  3. DuckDuckGo and gabai = problem dodged to a degree
    Why people keep using trash leftist media sites is beyond me.
    Trump should switch to gabai although the free speech emphasis allows the leftist trolltards to run amok somewhat.

    • By using Twitter his impact is increased by several orders of magnitude, he is using the tech giants to fight the tech giants. He has also ordered the Justice Department to investigate on anti-trust grounds.

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