Islamic terrorist murders Israeli while he is out shopping for food

Thank you Richard, and Meir Weinstein

It grieves me to add this twitter thread about how many are treating this act of murderous terrorism against a man in Israel shopping for food.

The only good thing about it, is how perfect an example it is of the current, smug, leftist antisemitism that has been made the new-normal thanks to the Islamic-leftist alliance at universities.

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11 Replies to “Islamic terrorist murders Israeli while he is out shopping for food”

  1. Islamic terrorist murders Israeli while he is out shopping for food

    Wouldn’t it be strange if, for every murdered Israeli shopper, an entire Islamic grocery store simply ceased to operate?. I think that might, “get the mule’s attention.”

    At some point, things are going to get rather titty-fingered. First there, then here. Your pick.

      • They hurt one we kill 10, they kill 1 we kill 100. That is the type of math they understand.

        It’s the only “math” they’ll understand. Payment in kind, eh? Complain about it all you want but, after all, isn’t terrorism the ultimate form of collective punishment? So, sit down, STFU, buckle up and giveth us no further crap.

        Islam must be confronted as, and with an existential threat (i.e., comprehensive dismantling). Anything less is mere window dressing.

        Why does the phrase, “Massively Disproportionate Retaliation” spring to mind?

    • Every Ari murdered will be matched by scores of Antifa and those who tolerate them. Let it be on your own head.
      – Runover-Intifada?
      – Intifada of the Knife?
      – – Arson-kites are next, count on it.

      As for the tikkun-olam, Jew-ish whores who libel and slander and incite to murder, YOU are all Judas. There is no future for you, your soul is barren, your children may as well be stillborn.

  2. The entire video is worth watching, if only for the key point at 00:05:30 when the narrator equates jihad in Israel with the ongoing Islamic terrorism in Australia. He is absolutely correct, it is a distinction without a difference.

    Recently, I cited Erdogan’s deadly sincere quip about how, “The term ‘Moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive; there is no moderate Islam; Islam is Islam.”

    Without a general understanding that Islam remains relatively monolithic in nature*, it will continue to be this “sit-on-a-balloon” game of seeing which lobe squirts out where. There are few better reflections of this than the incessant torrent of “Alphabet Soup” cadres, be they PLOWXYZ, Laskar al Taiba di Göat-Hümpers or WTF ever.

    * One of Islam’s more canny tactics is arraying itself in such a variety of cloaks (Sunni, Shiite, Sufi, Ahmadiyya … etc.).

    It matters snot matters not, yust so long as it gulls a sufficient portion of the local Infidel population (even, if necessary, the filthy Jews!). Shills imported when needed.


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