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4 Replies to “UK Muslim rape gang survivor speaks”

  1. Grooming Gang Victim Speaks Out

    That this young woman survived such unimaginable hell goes beyond belief. To hear her recount multiple suicide attempts only deepens my belief in capital punishment for serial rapists like these “groomers”. The notion that there are thousands of young women which likely feel the exact same loss of pride and self-esteem is beyond infuriating.

    “I want to talk”: Interview with victims of the Rotherham rape gangs

    The mention of “stolen files” screams collusion and direct complicity that merits investigative scrutiny.

    Any notion that a nine year-old girl is capable of “informed choice” with respect to her own sexual abuse defies all rationality.

      • Drawing and quartering would do more to frighten the live ones.

        D’ja mean where they pull out your intestines, burn them in a heap in front of you before attaching you to horsies at all four points and giving them the lash?

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