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  1. The Vancouver church which assisted with the private refugee sponsorship of the man accused of killing 13-year-old Marrisa Shen will co-operate with police as their investigation into Ibrahim Ali continues. St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church lead minister Dan Chambers issued a brief statement Tuesday in response to questions about Ali, a Syrian national who came to Canada with other members of his family in March 2017. “We have nothing to say publicly as this is before the courts,” Chambers wrote. “The church will co-operate with the police, and we are keeping everyone involved in this in mind, hearts and prayers.”

    1st-degree murder

    News of the first degree murder charge has shocked members of the tight-knit faith community which partnered with a group from Bowen Island to bring Ali and two brothers to the Lower Mainland 17 months ago. The allegation throws a tragic light on a story that had been one of hope, community and generosity familiar to people across Canada who opened up their hearts and wallets to help refugees fleeing civil war in Syria. Ali was arrested Friday night and made a court appearance by telephone from the Burnaby RCMP detachment the following day with the assistance of an Arabic translator. The CBC listened to an audio recording of the proceedings, which lasted roughly 14 minutes, beginning with a judicial official reading the charge to the 28-year-old. “Mr Ali, you’re before the court today to deal with the following charge: Ibrahim Ali, on or about the 18th day of July 2017, at or near Burnaby in the province of British Columbia, did commit the first degree murder of Marrisa Shen.” Ali said he understood the charge. He was remanded into custody until Friday morning, when he will appear in Vancouver provincial court to consult with counsel.

  2. South Yorkshire Police have doubled down in response to backlash over ‘Orwellian’ tweets urging people to report “non-crime hate incidents”, stating that “offensive” online comments “re-emphasises the need” for officers to “tackle hate”.
    In a series of messages posted to social media alleging that “hate hurts and no one should have to tolerate it”, the police force told members of the public to report so-called hate crimes as well as “non-crime hate incidents”, the latter of which it said “can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing”.

    After significant backlash from people online, some of whom questioned the force’s policing priorities at a time when recorded crime had risen 30 percent in the region while others branded it an attack on free speech, South Yorkshire Police have insisted they stand by the post and will prosecute individuals responsible for “unacceptable” online “abuse”.

  3. A new report advising French President Emmanuel Macron on his proposal to reform Islam in France has claimed that radical Salafism has gained a monopoly on French Islamic intellectual thought.
    The new report, authored by French-Tunisian Islam expert Hakim el Karoui of the Montaigne Institute, claims that radical Islamist ideas permeate France’s Islamic intellectual circles, saying that bookshops have become dominated by radical versions of the religion, French radio broadcaster RTL reports.

    Even more troubling, the report claims that those who answer questions posted online about Islam in France are often linked to radical Salafist preachers, as well.

    El Karaoui also looked into the influence of foreign actors in the French Islamic scene and found that two countries, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, had used their funding of imams and mosques to disseminate more radical intellectual strains of Islam and the political ideology of Islamism to great effect among France’s Muslims.

    In addition, the report mentions the progression of Islam in France, noting the successes of bloggers wearing the hijab as well as “halal” versions of ridesharing apps like Blablacar saying, “if you are a boy, the car will be driven by a man, if you are a woman, she will be driven by a woman,” and even a halal version of Airbnb.

  4. A San Francisco public transit agency has approved adverts from a group that promotes Holocaust denial and antisemitic views, claiming the organization has a “free speech” right to buy train station billboards.

    Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart) officials defended their decision to allow ads for the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has classified as a hate group that aims to “defend Nazism” and spread Holocaust denial propaganda.

    The electronic billboards, which say “History Matters!” and provide the name of the California-based organization, are in rotation at two Bart stations in San Francisco. They come at a time when antisemitic incidents have accelerated at alarming rates in the US and across the world, and as far-right groups and neo-Nazis have increasingly pushed racist and fascist views under the guise of advocating for free speech.

  5. Tuesday (September 11, 2018) marks the 17th anniversary of the cataclysmic jihad terror attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. Thirteen centuries ago, on August 15, 718, under the wise and stalwart leadership of Byzantium’s Leo III, the Arab Muslim jihad siege of Constantinople was broken, and the invaders—and Islamdom—suffered an ignominious defeat. These events are described with unique lucidity and unbowdlerized knowledge of their animating Islamic and Christian motivations in Raymond Ibrahim’s compelling new book, Sword and Scimitar. Would that today’s U.S. and other “Western” leaders reconsider their largely feckless policies against the resurgent jihad depredations of our era (~34,000 acts of jihad terror since 9/11/2001) and re-examine Leo III’s timeless words and actions.

    Leo III’s alleged eighth-century reply letter to the contemporary Muslim Caliph Umar II, who had invited the Byzantine Emperor to renounce Christianity and adopt Islam, was preserved by the eighth- (to tenth-?) century Armenian chronicler, Ghevond. Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar re-introduced me to both Leo III’s letter, and the great linguist and Islamologist Arthur Jeffrey’s (d. 1959) annotated 1944 English translation and analysis of Ghevond’s rendering of it, which was succinctly characterized in my 2005 compendium on jihad:

    Leo’s reply is an extensive and well-written defense of the major tenets of the Christian religion. In it the Byzantine emperor, who was as zealous in his Christian faith as Umar was in his, refuted Islam on the basis of the Christian Gospel, as well as the basis of the Koran.

  6. SEPT 10 2018 -France -Strasbourg = Kolbsheim – Ecologists evacuated by the police

    PIC French tree-hugger


  7. The White Helmets have shot at least nine videos intended to serve as proof in accusations that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapon attack using chlorine against civilians in Idlib, the Russian military claims.
    READ MORE: Filming of staged chemical attack in Idlib, Syria begins – Russian MoD

    A number of Middle Eastern TV channels and a regional affiliate of a US broadcaster “have shot nine videos, in Jisr al-Shughur city in Idlib province, of a staged chemical attack” that will be blamed on the Syrian government, the Russian Reconciliation Center In Syria said in a statement on Wednesday.

  8. Backgtround: Jodi Butts, the wife of Trudeau adviser Gerry Butts, was appointed to the board of directors of of Canada Goose 10 months ago…

    Manitoba to spend up to $1.48 million to help jacket maker Canada Goose expand
    The Manitoba government says it will spend up to $1.48 million to help luxury jacket maker Canada Goose expand its Winnipeg manufacturing operations.

    Premier Brian Pallister says the $15.8 million expansion will create about 700 jobs.

    He says the province’s contribution will be spent to help train sewing machine operators over three years.

    The new facility will be the company’s third factory in Winnipeg.

    Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose Holdings Inc., says the company currently employs about 3,000 people around the world, who make products that are sold in more than 38 countries.

    He says Canada Goose wants to keep production in Canada .

  9. Kerry Meeting With Iran to Salvage Nuke Deal With Rogue Diplomacy
    Shadow diplomacy aids Iran’s regional pursuits
    John Kerry and Javad ZarifJohn Kerry and Javad Zarif / Getty Images
    BY: Adam Kredo Follow @Kredo0
    September 12, 2018 1:04 pm

    Former Secretary of State John Kerry disclosed that he has been conducting rogue diplomacy with top Iranian officials to salvage the landmark nuclear deal and push the Islamic Republic to negotiate its contested missile program, according to recent remarks.

    Kerry, in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt to promote his new book, said that he has met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif—the former secretary’s onetime negotiating partner—three or four times in recent months behind the Trump administration’s back.

    “I think I’ve seen him three or four times,” Kerry said, adding that he has been conducting sensitive diplomacy without the current administration’s authorization. Kerry said he has criticized the current administration in these discussions, chiding it for not pursuing negotiations from Iran, despite the country’s fevered rhetoric about the U.S. president.

  10. John Kerry on Trump: “The worst President in American history” – BBC Newsnight

    ( 12 min )

    Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis interviews the former US Secretary of State John Kerry. John Kerry shares his views on the the Trump presidency, Syria and the direction of the Democrats.

    • Kerry Meeting With Iran to Salvage Nuke Deal With Rogue Diplomacy

      Shadow diplomacy aids Iran’s regional pursuits

      Former Secretary of State John Kerry disclosed that he has been conducting rogue diplomacy with top Iranian officials to salvage the landmark nuclear deal and push the Islamic Republic to negotiate its contested missile program, according to recent remarks.

      Kerry, in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt to promote his new book, said that he has met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif—the former secretary’s onetime negotiating partner—three or four times in recent months behind the Trump administration’s back.

      “I think I’ve seen him three or four times,” Kerry said, adding that he has been conducting sensitive diplomacy without the current administration’s authorization. Kerry said he has criticized the current administration in these discussions, chiding it for not pursuing negotiations from Iran, despite the country’s fevered rhetoric about the U.S. president.

      Kerry’s comments are in line with previous reporting on his behind-the-scenes attempts to save the nuclear deal and ensure that Iran continues receiving billions in cash windfalls. These payments were brought to a halt by the Trump administration when it abandoned the nuclear agreement and reimposed harsh sanctions on Iran that have nearly toppled its economy and sparked a popular revolution.

      Kerry said he met Zarif in Norway, Munich, and other international forums.

      As Iran continues to plot terror attacks across the globe and transport weapons to regional hotspots in Syria and Yemen, Kerry has tried to help Zarif preserve the nuclear agreement with European nations.

      “What I have done is try to elicit from him [Zarif] what Iran might be willing to do to change the dynamic of the Middle East for the better,” Kerry said. “How does one resolve Yemen, what do you do to try and get peace in Syria? Those are the things that really are preoccupying him because those are the impediments to Iran’s ability to convince people its ready to embrace something different.”

      Kerry said he has offered blunt talk to Zarif in order to push the regime to accept restrictions on its foreign interventionism.

      “I’ve been very blunt to Foreign Minister Zarif. I told him, ‘Look, you guys need to recognize the world does not appreciate what’s happening with missiles, what’s happening with Hezbollah, what’s happening with Yemen,'” Kerry recounted. “You’re supporting an ongoing struggle there.”

      Iran has said “they’re prepared to negotiate and resolve these issues, but the [Trump] administration’s taken a very different tact.”

      Criticizing the current White House, Kerry lamented that “it appears right now, as if the administration is hell-bent … to pursue a regime change strategy” in Iran that would “bring the economy down and try to isolate further.”

      The former secretary of state cautioned the current administration, saying “the United States historically has not had a great record in regime change strategies, number one, and number two that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for any Iranian leader to sit down and negotiate anything because they’re not going to do it in a capitulatory situation.”

      Iranian leaders have said multiple times in recent months that they will not take any meetings with Trump or his administration.

  11. BBC – Salvini: ‘Italy only has room for migrants fleeing war’

    Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, says he will deport the majority of migrants attempting to enter the country – with or without the support of the European Union.

    “Brussels has been promising us help and assistance for years and has been doing nothing,” he told the BBC’s Stephen Sackur.

    Italy’s deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, is facing a criminal investigation after being accused by the Sicilian authorities of kidnapping people aboard a migrant boat.

    You can see the Hardtalk interview in full on Wednesday 12 Sep on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel and after on BBC iPlayer (UK only).

    ( 22 min )

    • As I said in the links 1 thread you tube has done something that is stopping me downloading videos, I don’t know if this is just in the US or not. A techi friend said to google the problem and see if anyone has a fix yet, if they don’t wait a couple of days.

  12. BREITBART – LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

    A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

    The video is a full recording of Google’s first all-hands meeting following the 2016 election (these weekly meetings are known inside the company as “TGIF” or “Thank God It’s Friday” meetings).

    Sent to Breitbart News by an anonymous source, it features co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, VPs Kent Walker and Eileen Naughton, CFO Ruth Porat, and CEO Sundar Pichai.

    It can be watched in full above. It can and should be watched in full above in order to get the full context of the meeting and the statements made.

    more :

    • BREITBART –Trump Campaign Manager Calls for Investigation into Google After Breitbart Video: ‘Threat to Republic’

      Brad Parscale, the 2020 campaign manager for President Trump, recently called for an investigation into tech giant Google following a leaked video of an all-hands internal meeting posted by Breitbart News.

      Brad Parscale, President Trump’s 2016 digital campaign manager and 2020 re-election campaign manager, called for an investigation into tech giant Google in a recent tweet following a leaked video published by Breitbart News showing a high level of dismay from Google executives and employees at the election of President Trump along with a number of statements such as “history is on our side” and the “moral arc of history bends towards progress.”

      In his tweet, Parscale states that Google believes that they can shape users’ values via search results and online manipulation. Parscale ends his tweet by calling for Congressional hearings and a full investigation into Google and their actions surrounding elections.

      more :

  13. DC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel

    Police have responded to the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC after an anonymous threat to shoot up a meeting there supporting President Donald Trump.

    The threat was made ahead of the planned Tuesday evening event by an anonymous Twitter account that supports the Democratic Socialists, a far-left political group.

    ‘I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies,’ the account wrote, referencing the Trump campaign slogan ‘Make American Great Again’.

    The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the threat, department spokesman Hugh Carew told, adding that no further details were immediately available.

  14. President Trump’s Hurricane Florence Plan

    Oval Office

    3:13 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Okay, thank you very much. I’ve received a briefing from Secretary Nielsen, Administrator Long, and my senior staff regarding Hurricane Florence and other tropical systems that will soon impact the United States and its territories. The safety of American people is my absolute highest priority. We are sparing no expense. We are totally prepared. We’re ready. We’re as ready as anybody has ever been.

  15. Trump authorizes sanctions against foreign governments that interfere in US elections

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    Trump authorizes sanctions against foreign governments that interfere in US elections
    © Getty Images

    President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday allowing sanctions on foreign companies, organizations or individuals the government determines to have interfered in U.S. elections.

    The order is the latest effort by the Trump administration to address fears that Russia is looking to meddle in the November midterm elections, much like it did during the 2016 presidential race.

    “This clearly is a process put in place to try and ensure we are doing every possible thing we can to prevent any interference in our election,” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told reporters.

    • => Muh Russia <=
      Pandering, lending credibility to moldy bs. The enemy either won't believe you or pretend you're as guilty as they've framed you from the get-go.

      Get _China_ the hell out of the lobbying biz.
      BLIND the intrusive 5-Eyes and Soros’ snake-eyes.
      Purge the corporate globalist MSM.

      Don’t waste time!
      All hands on deck: Massive voter fraud is the immediate threat. Deal with it now, or we’re cooked!

  16. Memories of Leftist Glee About 9/11
    How progressives saw poetic justice in planes plunging into U.S. buildings packed with innocents.
    September 11, 2018
    Jamie Glazov

    Israel’s shrillest critics often accuse the Jewish State of exaggerating security threats. Some detractors have even characterized Israel’s security conscious leaders as “paranoid.” We often hear them spew tired and meaningless banalities like “peace of the brave” and “risks for peace” in connection with their calls for unilateral Israeli concessions. But Israelis, who have been compelled to fight seven wars with their Arab neighbors since acquiring hard-fought statehood, know better. They are keenly aware that peace treaties with authoritarian leaders and two-bit kings, generals and sheikhs are worth no more than the paper on which they’re written.

    Nothing underscores this concept better than outrageous but unsurprising statements recently made by Jordan’s former prime minister, Abdelsalam al-Majali. In an August 18 televised interview, al-Majali, who was a signatory to the 1994 Jordan-Israel peace treaty, stated, “The Arabs do not have any power. If we ever have military power, will we let them keep Haifa? We’ll take it.” And just in case anyone had any doubts as to the meaning of his words he added, “If tomorrow we become stronger and can take Haifa by force, will we really decline just because we have an agreement with them?”

    The comments were made in Arabic to an Arabic audience. This is typical. Arab leaders often speak in forked tongues when the topic centers on Israel and have become adept at this type doublespeak. When addressing Western audiences, they moderate their tones and often employ euphemisms and ambiguities to mask their real intentions. But it is an entirely different affair when they address their fellow kinsmen where their true pernicious intentions are exposed.

  17. BREAKING: DOJ Set To Investigate Anti-Conservative Bias Among Social Media Giants

    In perhaps one of the most significant moves of President Donald J. Trump’s administration, the Department of Justice looks set to investigate bias against conservatives from Silicon Valley tech companies.

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exploring a potential investigation of social media companies and will be briefed on Sept. 25 by Republican state attorneys general who are already examining the firms’ practices, according to two people familiar with the matter,” said a Tuesday report.

    The attorneys general to attend the meeting will be from Alabama, Nebraska, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas.

    The meeting will be held to determine whether there is a legitimate case against companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, all of whom have been accused of unfairly targeting and deplatforming conservatives, essentially removing them from public discourse.

  18. Twitter Accused of Censorship After Tagging Phrase ‘Illegal Alien’ as ‘Hateful’ (sputniknews, Sep 12, 2018)

    “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington-based non-profit promoting reduced immigration to the US, has been denied the opportunity to promote one of its tweets after it was flagged.

    CIS executive director Mark Krikorian tweeted Tuesday that the social networking service had rejected paid promotion of a tweet after it was inexplicably tagged as “Hateful Content.”

    Later, the think tank put out a series of tweets criticizing the company’s decision, and providing multiple examples showing that the phrase “illegal aliens” is a perfectly acceptable term in US legal practice.

    In a press release released on Thursday, the CIS said four other tweets, including the phrases “illegal alien,” or “criminal alien” and references to law enforcement, had been rejected by the Twitter Ads program recently using the same excuse.

    “We’ve reviewed your tweets and confirmed that it is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program at this time based on our Hateful Content policy. Violating content includes, but is not limited to, that which his hate speech or advocacy against a protected group,” the company said in a response to an inquiry by the CIS.

    In recent months, conservatives in the United States have accused the social media giant of double standards when it comes to its hateful conduct rules.”

  19. China’s ‘Digital’ Totalitarian Experiment

    by Gordon G. Chang
    September 12, 2018 at 5:00 am

    By 2020, Chinese officials plan to have about 626 million surveillance cameras operating throughout the country. Those cameras will, among other things, feed information into a national “social credit system.”

    That system, when it is in place in perhaps two years, will assign to every person in China a constantly updated score based on observed behaviors. For example, an instance of jaywalking, caught by one of those cameras, will result in a reduction in score.

    Although officials might hope to reduce jaywalking, they seem to have far more sinister ambitions, such as ensuring conformity to Communist Party political demands. In short, the government looks as if it is determined to create what the Economist called “the world’s first digital totalitarian state.”

    That social credit system, once perfected, will surely be extended to foreign companies and individuals.

    At present, there are more than a dozen national blacklists, and about three dozen various localities have been operating experimental social credit scoring systems. Some of those systems have failed miserably. Others, such as the one in Rongcheng in Shandong province, have been considered successful.

  20. Turkey’s Latest Power Grab a Naval Base in Cyprus?

    by Debalina Ghoshal
    September 12, 2018 at 4:00 am

    Turkey’s Naval Forces Command has “submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that Turkey should establish a naval base in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” according to Turkey’s strongly pro-Erdogan daily, Yeni Safak, which recently endorsed the proposal for the base in an article entitled, “Why Turkey should establish a naval base in Northern Cyprus.”

    “The base will enable the protection of Northern Cyprus’ sovereignty as well as facilitate and fortify Turkey’s rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, preventing the occupation of sea energy fields, and strengthening Turkey’s hand in the Cyprus peace process talks.”

    Having a naval base in northern Cyprus would also strengthen the self-proclaimed “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” which is recognized only by Turkey. Cyprus is strategically important: a naval base there would give Turkey easier access to the Eastern Mediterranean’s international trade routes and greater control over the vast undersea energy resources around Cyprus. In the past, Turkey has blocked foreign vessels from drilling for these resources; in June, Turkey began its own exploration of the island’s waters for gas and oil.

  21. 12 September 2018 – 16H30
    Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’
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    © TT News Agency/AFP | The Dalai Lama says that ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans’
    The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, said Wednesday that “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and that refugees should return to their native countries to rebuild them.

    Speaking at a conference in Sweden’s third-largest city of Malmo, home to a large immigrant population, the Dalai Lama — who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 — said Europe was “morally responsible” for helping “a refugee really facing danger against their life”.

    “Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country,” said the 83-year-old Tibetan who fled the capital Lhasa in fear of his life after China poured troops into the region to crush an uprising.

    “I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he said, adding they should make clear to refugees that “they ultimately should rebuild their own country”.

  22. U.K. Police Urge Citizens To Report Neighbors For ‘Offensive Or Insulting’ Speech
    Freedom from criminal investigation and arrest may now be subject to someone else’s feelings or perceptions in England thanks to hate crime laws.
    Benjamin R. Dierker By Benjamin R. Dierker
    SEPTEMBER 11, 2018
    English police are now calling on citizens to report hate incidents. Reporting friends and neighbors to the police has terrible historical connotation, and for good reason. It is legitimate fascism. Timid citizenries are easy to control — fear that even a coworker could file a report to the police can keep people in check.

    The latest call for action in England is from the South Yorkshire Police on Twitter. Similar reporting requests are posted on the United Kingdom government website. Two tweets from the South Yorkshire Police over the weekend requesting citizens to report hate matters to police should grab our attention.

    The first calls out any hate “incident or crime.” There is a meaningful distinction there. The tweet defines hate incidents as “motivated by prejudice or hostility (or perceived to be so)…” The tweet ends with, “Report it and put a stop to it.”

    The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the President.

    Possibly confusing these attacks with an elevated interplay of otherwise normal D.C. partisan infighting and adversarial media relations, the White House response to these campaigns reflects a political advocacy mindset that it is intensely reactive, severely under-inclusive and dangerously inadequate to the threat.

    If action is not taken to re-scope and respond to these hostile campaigns very soon, the administration risks implosion and subsequent early departure from the White House.

    This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle. It must be recognized on its own terms so that immediate action can be taken.

    At its core, these campaigns run on multiple lines of effort, serve as the non-violent line of effort of a wider movement, and execute political warfare agendas that reflect cultural Marxist outcomes. The campaigns operate through narratives.

    Because the hard left is aligned with lslamist organizations at local (ANTIFA working with Muslim Brotherhood doing business as MSA and CAIR), national (ACLU and BLM working with CAIR and MPAC) and international levels (OIC working with OSCE and the UN), recognition must given to the fact that they seamlessly interoperate at the narrative level as well.

  24. WASHINGTON — When FBI agents and police officers fanned out across the country last month in a weeklong effort to rescue child sex trafficking victims, they pulled minors as young as 11 from hotel rooms, truck stops and homes.

    Among the 168 juveniles recovered was a population that child welfare advocates say especially concerns them: children who were never reported missing in the first place.

    Advocates say the roundup reinforces the need for a standardized, nationwide approach to reporting children as missing, especially those absent from state foster care systems who are seen as most vulnerable to abuse. Concerns over unaccounted-for children aren’t new, but they’re receiving fresh attention amid heightened awareness of child sex trafficking. State and federal efforts are under way to streamline how police are alerted when kids go missing.

  25. The “non-partisan” ministerial bureaucrats working for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are actively hiding from Canadians the details surrounding the cost of the “refugee” settlement program.

    In a memo obtained by The Rebel through the Freedom of Information Act, bureaucrats discussed how to handle a media inquiry about the yearly cash support that Canada provides Trudeau’s Syrians.

    “ Thanks Nancy, we have a table approved in past responses with breakdowns. Can we try to dig that up and include it here? I think the reporter is looking for numbers. We know that 50k is the new start-up cost but we haven’t used that yet. If we do can we get MINO approval? Earlier this week we opted to go with the individual cost response for the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers , but in this instance the reporter is talking about families so it may be okay to use”

    The bureaucrats worried about their communication strategy because they know Canadian taxpayers would be outraged by the amount of money being spent in benefits given towards Syrian migrants who are entering Canada. And now we know, that the yearly amount in cash benefits given to migrants is indeed $50,000 per family.

  26. CENSORED: Network Morning Shows Blackout Bombshell Report on Google Helping Hillary

    By Geoffrey Dickens | September 11, 2018 11:38 AM EDT
    While the networks have been obsessed with alleged Russian interference to aid Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign they have – so far – completely ignored a bombshell report that a Google employee tried to help Hillary Clinton win.

    FNC’s Tucker Carlson, on his Monday show, first broke the story that a Google e-mail chain revealed Google’s Multicultural Marketing department head Eliana Murillo admitted to using Google’s “political power” to help turn out Hispanic voters for Hillary Clinton.

    None of the network morning shows (ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NBC’s Today) spent any time on this shocking development.

    However, on this morning’s edition of Good Morning America, correspondent Tara Palmeri did find time to advance Google’s spin that they didn’t favor any party in their searches. During an interview with Donald Trump Jr, Palmeri turned to Google to knock down the president’s sons’s concerns about the tech company’s biases:

  27. Incidents of violence and threats against the political right have escalated as the establishment media amp up its hate rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters.
    The morning after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd compared media critics to racist segregationists and singled out Fox News as one of America’s biggest problems, a man in a “mentally agitated state,” and apparently upset over an officer involved shooting, intentionally crashed his vehicle into the studios of FOX 4 in Dallas, Texas.

    Besides Todd, many in the media, especially at far-left CNN have “othered” Fox News and presented the network as a unique danger to America.

    CNN’s Brian Stelter has gone so far as to spread conspiracy theories about Fox News controlling President Trump.

  28. Conservatives have long complained about schools’ use of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. But, a popular AP U.S. History textbook, The American Pageant, written by Thomas Bailey, David Kennedy, and Lizabeth Cohen, is also riddled with inaccuracies. That’s according to Daniel Oliver, chairman of the board of the Education and Research Institute.

    “Almost every other page” has liberal bias, Oliver charged during an interview with Townhall on Tuesday.

    His “favorite” example, he said, is the book’s section on Alger Hiss. It’s well known that Hiss was a communist who was supplying information to the Soviet Union, Oliver relayed. He was convicted of perjury in 1948. Yet, in The American Pageant, the authors write that Hiss was being chased by Richard Nixon, a “red hunter,” and that he got caught in “embarrassing falsehoods.”

  29. South Simcoe police are appealing for the public’s help to solve a distraction theft at a convenience store in Cookstown.

    Police were called to Charlie Brown’s Variety on King Street around 4:30 p.m. Sunday for a theft.

    They say seven suspects entered the store and distracted the lone employee. While that was occurring, one suspect went into a back room and removed a quantity of cash.

    Distraction theft
    Surveillance cameras capture a distraction theft at Charlie Brown’s Variety on King Street in Cookstown (CTV Barrie)

    “They kind of over ran my employee by making him extremely busy and distracting him,” said owner Charlie Brown.

  30. The editorial board of the Washington Post has declared that President Trump is “complicit” for Hurricane Florence because of his views on climate change.

    The massive storm has not made landfall yet, but the Post published a column on Wednesday headlined, “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”

    The piece also notes that Trump has given “good advice” when issuing hurricane warnings via his Twitter feed before it launched an attack on the president.

    “When it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters,” the editorial board wrote.

    Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ paper then quotes a climate researcher who said that previous hurricanes would not have produced so much rain without “human-induced climate change” and Florence is another indication of global warming.

  31. Iran Storing Oil in Fleet of Supertankers: Report (tasnimnews, Sep 12, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran is starting to store oil on its fleet of supertankers again as US sanctions on the country’s oil industry loom.

    At least five full crude tankers have reportedly anchored off the Iranian coast over the past two-and-a-half weeks. Two holding condensate, a light oil produced at Iran’s natural gas fields, have been idling for weeks off Dubai.

    So far, most of the ships in question — all of which are Iranian owned — have only been holding crude at sea for a few weeks, rather than for months at a time as they did during 2012-2016 sanctions, tanker tracking compiled by Bloomberg show.

    Almost all Iran’s main customers purchased fewer Iranian barrels in August than they did in April, the month before Trump said sanctions were being reimposed.

    The measures are due to start in early November, but buyers including France, South Korea and others have already started to cut back sharply.

    US President Donald Trump is trying to cut off Iran’s oil exports to deprive the third-biggest member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries of income.”

  32. Morocco gender equality law goes into effect (mee, Sep 12, 2018)

    “New law prohibits harassment and sexual exploitation but fails to adopt international standards on treatment of women, critics say.

    A law to combat violence against women in Morocco entered into force on Wednesday, following years of heated debate and after thousands called for action in a recent gang-rape case.

    For the first time, women in Morocco have legal protection from “acts considered forms of harassment, aggression, sexual exploitation or ill treatment”.

    The new law also paves the way for victims of violence to be offered support.

    Families minister Bassima Hakkaoui hailed the legislation as “one of the most important texts strengthening the national legal arsenal in the area of equality of the sexes,” in an interview with the official MAP agency.

    The text was first drafted five years ago and was adopted by parliament in February, but advocates say it fails to give police, prosecutors and judges guidance on how to handle sexual violence cases.

    Former women’s minister Nouzha Skalli argued that it fails to take into account “international definitions” of violence against women.

    She has highlighted the example of marital rape, which is not criminalised under the new legislation.

    Sexual harassment is common in Morocco in spite of a new constitution adopted in 2011 that enshrines gender equality.

    More than 40 percent of women said they had been “victims of an act of violence at least once”, in a survey carried out by Morocco’s High Commission for Planning which surveyed those living in towns and aged between 18 and 64.

    Morocco’s rate of reported rapes increased to 1,600 cases in 2017 from 800 in 2016, according to an annual report issued by the attorney general, Morocco World News reported.

    The first woman to benefit from the legal change could be a 24-year-old who on Tuesday filed a complaint against three men for harassment, according to Moroccan media.

    As authorities begin enforcing the law, a dozen suspects are being held over the alleged gang-rape of a teenage girl.

    In a video posted online last month, 17-year-old Khadija Okkarou said she had been kidnapped, raped and tortured by a gang over a period of two months.

    Okkarou’s testimony triggered a petition signed by thousands of people urging King Mohammed VI to provide her with medical and psychological care.

    The next hearing in the case is set for 10 October.”

  33. Canadian immigrant hits lottery jackpot — twice (gulfnews, Sep 12, 2018)

    “Montreal: A young west African immigrant who moved to Canada two years ago has hit the lottery jackpot — twice.

    Melhig Melhig, 28, won two scratch-off games in the space of five months. Total winnings? 3.5 million Canadian dollars (Dh9.9 million).

    “I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry,” Melhig told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation when asked what he would do with the money.

    Melhig, who hails from west Africa but did not specify the country, moved to Winnipeg two years ago.

    In April, he bought a ticket and won $1.5 million. Last month, he bought another ticket — and won another $2 million.

    With his first payout, he bought a new home for his wife and children. With the second windfall, he hopes to buy a business — maybe a car wash or a gas station, he says — and “go to school.”

    Melhig had a one in 900,000 chance of winning the first time, according to lottery officials. The second time, his odds were one in 1.3 million.

    So what are the chances of someone winning two major jackpots in such a short period of time? Difficult to calculate, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation says.

    Lottery officials say everything about his twin wins is legit.

    “We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary and we are happy for him,” lottery spokeswoman Andrea Marantz told AFP.”

  34. Deutsche Welle -Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns xenophobic attacks

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told lawmakers there’s “no excuse” for inciting hostility toward people who look different.

    The far-right AfD, the largest opposition party, accused Merkel of ignoring the concerns of people worried about migration

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