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7 Replies to “Wonderful interview with Pakistani German on the people of Chemnitz during this set of events”

  1. This Pakistani man is reasonable, objective and supportive of his adopted homeland. He is the type of immigrant who made it to the west on merit in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

    • Agreed and it was good to hear one who was fluent, eloquent and incisive in his comments. I bet this is never aired on German TV as he would then be targeted by his own ‘people”.

  2. A sensation! Media admit: The Hitler salute man of Chemnitz is a “Red Army Faction” sympathizer–
    Now it has been proven: The man who made the headlines with the Hitler salute at the Chemnitz demonstration and discredited the entire protest is a RAF sympathizer – and thus quite obviously a left-wing extremist. He carries the abbreviation of the terrorist group on the back of his right hand. This is obviously not a right-wing extremist. The rumours of infiltrated provocateurs are thus receiving new confirmation. At first, the RAF logo on the hand was described by the mainstream media as a photomontage created by right-wing extremists. This has now turned out to be wrong. The editorial offices of “Rheinischer Post” and “T-Online” apologize today for this mistake and make it clear: The picture is real and not a fake!Thus it is obvious that the man with the raised right arm is an admirer of the left-wing terrorist “Red Army Faction”. This fits badly with the world view of a neo-Nazis. And it raises the question of what is really behind the Hitler salute action.It was striking from the very beginning that the man with the hooded sweater separated himself from the other demonstrators and posed in front of the photographers with the Hitler salute. It also remained a mystery why policemen in combat uniforms did not arrest the man.
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