Trudeau gets the treatment he earned in the US press: Links 1, September 5, 2018

1. About that Boyle guy, who was ‘kidnapped’ by the Taliban and is in jail for all kinds of sordid and violent crimes…

While you read that link, keep this in mind…

2. Emirates claims ten passengers were removed from a quarantined flight at New York’s JFK despite reports that a HUNDRED fell ill onboard

Emirates airline has claimed that ten passengers have been removed from a quarantined flight at the John F. Kennedy International Airport despite numerous reports of 100 passengers falling ill.  


The double decker A380 aircraft, which was traveling from Dubai to New York City, landed at the Queens airport Wednesday morning shortly after 9am.  

Initial reports said up to 100 passengers fell ill, but a statement from Emirates put that number at just 10. 

The statement was shared by Emirates on Twitter claimed that only 10 people had been treated. 


‘Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to New York were taken ill,’ the statement read. 

‘On arrival, as a precaution, they were attended to by local health authorities. All others will disembark shortly. 

3. And about those protestors at the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh 

4. Justin Trudeau finally gets the trade trouble he deserves

If you’re trying to make sense out of the NAFTA negotiations, where Canada is suddenly rushing to avoid being shut out of a US-Mexico deal, consider this: With his insufferable moral arrogance, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been cruising for a bruising — and now he’s gotten it.


Given Trudeau’s attempt to reinvent the country as the smarmy Eddie Haskell of nations, it’s been fun to watch — but let’s make sure it doesn’t end up costing both Canada and the United States.


Trudeau’s first rude awakening, by the way, didn’t come at the hands of Team Trump. Justin had become a laughingstock when visiting India last February, where he dressed the family Bollywood-style. Even the Indians thought he was a joke.

5. Adult Muslim men gang rape and impregnate vulnerable 14-year-old British girl

The little girl was drugged with cannabis and taken to Sherwood Forest where the three Muslim men took turns raping her. She was threatened to be left alone in the forest if she didn’t do as the men said after they had her smoke cannabis making her as ‘high as a kite’.

The little girl was described to the Sheffield crown court as “a vulnerable child who suffered very low self esteem” and was passed from one group of predatory Muslim males in the South Yorkshire town to another.

Thank you Xanthippa. M., Wrath of Khan. EB., MissPiggy and MANY many more who have been busy making sure that some degree of actual reality is still available for people with the courage and will to find it.

How does implementing sharia law in London England look?

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  1. 2 – We all know that it is only a matter of time before a plague of one type or another breaks out and is spread around the world. 🙁

    • Something in the works. An Algerian flight also today.
      It’s relatively easy to contain the damages. Remove all Muslim personnel in contact with aircraft, including from Islamic countries. That would be a good start.
      But our damned Charter of Rights prefers killing us.

  2. 4 = He knows it’s over. So, he’s now focusing on ‘cultural issues” aka protection of the CBC.
    Meanwhile, Ontario is signaling they’re open for business. Well, yes, they’re open but at what price? Gloom and doom everywhere for those who supported the trade cartels and that includes Andrew Scheer.

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