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23 Replies to “Silencing all non-communists by 2020 online”

  1. After reading just the first few pages, the patented “accuse the right of exactly what we are doing” is glaring. Extremism, fake news (stolen from PTrump of all people), lies, deceit and all the rest are pretty much the domain of the progressives. And it works for them!

  2. The radical left is openly proclaiming that they are out to reverse the 2016 election and then see that only communists/Marxists are ever elected in the US and by extension all other Western nations. They know that with their control of the propaganda media the useful idiots in the Dems base will refuse to believe what the goals of the left are.

    This is one reason we NEED a special counsel to investigate the crimes of the Clinton Crime Family and the Obama Crime Family. Without arrests and prosecution of the criminals the left will continue to get away with their crimes until they destroy all freedom in the West.

  3. Let’s hope Media Matters’ timing is perfect … that they attempt to launch at about the time Hillary et al are arrested for high treason etc. That spin on “fake news” should be delightfully hilarious to witness.

  4. We are too nice to these butchers. Marxist/Communists have murdered 170,000,000 humans in cold blood during the last century.
    That’s too many, and that’s enough. Asking me to be nice to marxists and muslims is like asking me to accept for real Third Reich party members.
    To that end, I’ve just started knocking marxists on their asses when I find one proudly proclaiming ‘the world is on fire because of capitalism!’. Belt in the chops.
    It’s the only way.
    People, we are in a fight to the death. That’s it. that’s all. At stake is our civilization and our entire species. The stakes are too high to be nice. We are now well into a ‘post-nice world.’
    OK, then. The marxists and muslims have made the world thus.
    It is up to us to take the fight to the enemy; survival is contingent on any citizen with two brain cells to rub together to close with and destroy the enemy.
    Barbarians only understand blunt force. While violence is never my first choice, there are times when violence is forced upon one, when all other means of dissent are clawed back by the state and their marxist soy-boy goons. So be it.
    Foolishly. many years ago, the state offered me a graduate course in breaking things and hurting people. I remember my lessons, I stay current and I can still put 60 out of 80 into a three inch ring on a thousand meter run-down. I am mature, but fit and motivated, and I do not fear death. I am fighting, no longer with words.
    I recommend all of you do the same.
    Times up.
    Fight today. Fight tomorrow. Fight for the future.

    • Keep dreaming Rambo.
      There’s hardly a person on this continent who isn’t looking for the easy way out……voting, writing their congresscritters, donating $ to their favorite cause in the hope it will work and they don’t have to get their hands dirty, or heaven forbid, their hands bloody and covered in gun oil and carbon. And for most, denial is their favorite weapon of defense. Any idea how many of your friends and family refuse to see the Red elephant in their lives? Most probably.
      They’re just doing what all their friends do, bounce off each others emotions and egos, keeping it within their own social circles and not having to look at the big picture as a whole.
      Sorry, but no one is going to come help you fight the Bolshies, you’re on your own.
      Und das wort ist Nein, nicht nien.

      • You are so so right ! We are weak and full of righteous condemnation …but no one knows the sacrifices of those who serve. As a 71 year old woman , I feel the world is about to implode. History paints a cruel picture , one we seem destined to repeat.

  5. We’re not dealing with people who have a difference of opinion from us, we are dealing with people who are the enemy and wish to conquer us and force us into subjugation. Everything they accuse the right of is exactly what they do themselves and that fact cannot be lost on the people at the upper levels. They are evil. They are funded by the enemy. They are only pretending to be concerned with human rights and poverty and such. Not one of their intentions is good, they are only interested in destroying the West as quickly as possible…

    • They are everything you say and worse, we are going to end up in a shooting war with them in all nations. If we don’t win freedom will die for well over 100 years.

      • They sure are serious about it. I don’t know anything for sure but it sure would make sense if it was the Chinese behind all this. It is so in their best interest for the West to be discredited and to leave room for them to take the lead spot away from the USA. It is sure as hell what I would do if I were the Chinese. I would make the West look like a fractious hell-hole and discourage my people from trying to be like them…

        • I’d amend your idea to China in cahoots with the Ummah, Inc. They don’t have to like each other or collaborate across the board, just selective campaigns where their interests align: sabotaging, discrediting the USA and all we stand for.

          The Nike deal with Kraperdick (sp?), that’s clearly China vs. PTrump. China pwns Nike, et al. Corporate media is fully integrated with global corporate biz.
          Squeeze, they squeak. Media Matters, indeed.

          China wants PT neutralized.

          The MB Project has met many of the goals stated in its Explanatory Memorandum:

          Hope and Change.
          => The POTUS from Hope sold us to China. His FLOTUS was in bed with the MB.

          => The POTUS from Petro-patch was led around by the nose as Deep State cemented its hold. His fumbles were orchestrated. Uniparty comity. Rally round a dirty, but credible player like McCain, let the military-industrial complex control DoS as well as DoD.

          => The POTUS from Manchuria/Kenya was an operative, a “change agent” who took us to the brink.

          So close…
          In their frustration, they may’ve jumped the shark.

    • Andy Bostom says:
      George Orwell on the Statist Left’s use of “sneers & ridicule” to “frighten most people into silence, by “pretending a reasoned opinion is indistinguishable from an absurd, out-of-date prejudice.”

  6. A.I. Driven Herd And Behavioural Sequencing –

    The mass multi-generational examination of actions and the results could introduce a model of behavioural sequences (like genetic sequences), as patterns begin to emerge in the behavioural sequences they can be targeted for change. Through meta analysis of our user data, they will be able to steer (the herd) the society at large through this process.

    Who’s desired end result is that serving? We can become a computer driven hive working to the benefit of “the species as a whole”. In other words, computer driven social values on a society wide level, based on the values of the creators of that technology and it programmers, which is NOT neutral. Google, Facebook and Twitter are not neutral.

  7. meh….just another playbook that we have seen before…
    this time they gave names and bio on key players..

    do with that info what you will, but ask yourselves these questions:

    What would Michael Collins and The Squad do with that intel?

    What did they do when they uncovered actionable intel?

    Things will get sporty and at some point opfor has to go outside the wire, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…

  8. After a quick scan, I am encouraged to see their advice to “drive up the Koch brothers’ negatives.” (P. 20) If they are as focused on the Koch brothers as they were during the W. years, they 1) haven’t been paying attention, and 2) are lost, wandering in the woods with no focus.

    The Koch brothers are NeverTrumpers. Any and all efforts to counter the Koch brothers will, by nature, benefit Trump and thus contribute to Make America Great Again. The brothers donated $10m to the pot-head libertarian guy in 2016, and they are actively working against Trump in the trade-war and immigration battles.

    I say we feed there stupidity with Koch brother tshirts and bumper stickers. Let them rage against their own ally.

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