Fake News and lies by omission: Child Sex slave gangs, not a “Pakistani” issue

There is of course, a glaring omission in this pernicious report about child-forced-prostitution-sex-slave gangs. They are now ready to throw Pakistan under a bus of sorts, but its the least important part of the equation. Most of the people in these gangs are from Pakistan, but nearly all of them, to all of them, are muslim. There are zero Christian or Hindu or Sikh Pakistanis in the groups and the British government knows it.

So when they claim that they “will not let political correctness stop them from uncovering the truth” they are adding insult to injury, salt in the wound, and every other analogy you can think of for insulting our intelligence while taking our money and usurping our authority to do so.

This is beyond arrogant. It is medieval condescension of the ruling elite to the regular English people who are the constant victims of Islamic aggression in the UK.

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From time to time, Peter McLoughlin, the author of the most excellent and important book on this subject, Easy Meat, comments here at lad Tepes. Here is hoping that he notices this and adds his thoughts. They would be of considerable value.

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  1. I’ve seen claims from Pakistani saying “it must be something in UK’s society that drove these men to do this, because it doesn’t exist in Pakistan”.
    It does, and there’s even a doc about it:

    “The documentary alleges that 9 out of 10 children in Peshawar have been victims of pedophilia. It also contains interviews with truck drivers who have committed such crimes.

    Shockingly, one of the drivers admits, without any remorse, to having raped 11 or 12 boys. “

    • More examples, including kiddie porn, and torture and murder of little children:

      According to Sahil, an organisation that works on the sexual harassment of children in Pakistan, more than nine children are abused countrywide each day.
      In 2015, a long-running child pornography ring was uncovered after video footage of an estimated 300 children being sexually abused came to light in Hussain Khanwala village. The perpetrators were found to be young men in their 20s and 30s.
      A commission into child abuse, set up following the Kasur case, found that in the first six months of 2015, 577 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in Punjab.
      In January, Kasur became the focus of renewed scrutiny when the mutilated body of eight-year-old Zainab Ansari was found dumped near her home. She was one of 11 girls between six and eight who were raped and killed in Kasur by the same culprit, who was later found.
      For Bukhari, these cases were the tip of the iceberg.

  2. I can understand why people might find Sajid Javid’s intervention puzzling, and particularly at this time. The media have provided no context to this announcement.

    The evidence of these gangs being disproportionately Muslim was clear in Easy Meat (2014) and this was only re-confirmed by the 2nd edition (2016). Two years later, and the pattern has continued to be confirmed. Of the list of convictions drawn to my attention, 283 out of 325 convicted are from the 1 in 20 of the UK population who are Muslims. http://pmclauth.com/sentenced/grooming-gang-statistics/gangs-jailed

    There’s probably another 100 people waiting trial/sentencing. All indications are that they are Muslims and their convictions will greatly add weight to this pattern. If 283 of 325 people with pancreatic cancer had only 1 of 20 variables in common, then doctors would say the evidence was overwhelming that this common factor caused pancreatic cancer.

    The lie that the elite are hiding in plain sight, is that the only time the British Parliament has discussed this scandal in the 45 years in which Muslims have been raping English schoolgirls, the Parliamentary committee called only one religious expert to testify on the problem: the religious head of the Muslim Council of Britain. This was a clear indication that it was Muslims who were the problem, and the committee knew this. They knew they weren’t Pakistani Christian gangs raping schoolgirls, they knew they weren’t Punabi Sikhs. In 2013 when the Parliamentary committee came to drawing its conclusions, a disgusting Leftist MP tried to get the committee to say there was no connection between Pakistanis and these rape gangs. The committee refused to agree to this. Thus we can say Parliament demonstrated their awareness of this causal association at least five years ago.

    Just three years before that Parliamentary committee met, the self-styled “anti-fascists” and the Muslim Council of Britain produced electoral pamphlets claiming that the Muslim grooming gangs were “a racist myth” (these grooming gangs had not even been an issue in that election). That religious head of the Muslim Council of Britain went on to write a sermon to tell Muslims they must not be part of these rape gangs. Quite a volte-face for an organisation that three years earlier said these gangs didn’t exist.

    The strange thing about this Muslim Home Secretary making this announcement, is that the Casey Inquiry has been underway for years (after they finally found someone who could lead it, since one of the many previous leaders resigned allegedly having said that Britain had so many of these rape gangs because we had so many Asians). The Casey Inquiry was set up by a previous Conservative government but it is not expected to report until around 2024, thus kicking the problem into the long grass. All the evidence is that this Casey Inquiry has attempted to submerge the rape gangs in a bestiary of other forms of child abuse.

    Sajid Javid’s intervention suggests something has caused the Conservatives to pre-empt the whitewash that the Casey Inquiry was going to be. The only major disruption to this whitewash is that UKIP (since Gerard Batten took on the role of leader) has made a huge push on the grooming gang cover-up. In my opinion UKIP have forced the hand of the Conservatives, and the government may now be forced to (or at least pretend to) look at the “cultural” causes of this grooming scandal. I cannot see any way in which the government will dare to vocalize the explanation I offered in Easy Meat. So they will not be able to de-fang UKIP with this supposed investigation, and the rape gangs will continue unabated (as they have been doing in the past five years).

    What this shows is that even a small party like UKIP (with no MPs in Parliament) can mount a campaign that makes the government take the very action they have resisted taking in 45 years. If we had a Leftist government now, no doubt they would instead try to imprison the UKIP members in order to deal with this unwanted publicity. That’s what Britain’s last Leftist government did between 1997 and 2006 – they tried over and over to pass “hate crime” legislation to imprison anyone who told the truth about these Muslim rape gangs.

    I imagine that the Conservatives are running scared of the UKIP campaign getting sufficient publicity by the next general election, such that the Tories may lose seats because of their silence and inaction on this scandal, the greatest childcare scandal in Britain in 100 years. It would be ironic if UKIP could get into Parliament by addressing this cover-up when they could not get into Parliament by campaigning for Brexit. Now, if UKIP can make the government change direction in this way, then what does that say about those far bigger and far better-funded parties, chock-full of feminists and hand-wringing do-gooders who sided with the rape gangs against three generations of defenceless schoolgirls? History will judge them for their decades of complicity.

    Alternatively, it could be that the wrongful incarceration of Tommy Robinson for reporting on a trial in Leeds in May this year has had untold repercussions. That the ideological state apparatus (the news media, as Althusser would describe them) went into overdrive producing videos and shows in the following weeks, attempting to justify the legality of Tommy’s imprisonment, showed that something big was afoot in the aftermath of his imprisonment. It was obvious to any unbiased eye that Tommy was wrongfully imprisoned. And the Court of Appeal proved this by quashing his conviction. Tommy’s hardship could have been the sacrifice someone needed to make to finally break through these 45 years of cover-up.

    Tommy’s imprisonment and UKIP’s campaign are the only two events I’m aware of that might have motivated Sajid Javid to short-circuit the Casey Inquiry.

    • Thank you very much for commenting on this humble site.
      What I don’t understand is UKIP’s reluctance to engage this tremendous problem prior to the current leadership. Nigel Farrage seemed like a great guy but, for the last year or so it seems he is more interested in making a lucrative living than dealing with extreme social problems in his own country.
      Tommy Robinson was a sacrificial lamb, no doubt about that. What I don’t think the gov’t expected was the outcry from British citizens when a concerted effort had been made for years to suppress and shame people for debating or even thinking about this issue.
      I really don’t want to say Britain is lost but, my God, what huge pit you have to climb out of in order to reclaim your country.

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