German Woman slashed — Syrian Declares in Court: “As a Muslim, I am allowed to”

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From this German news source:

An allegedly 17-year-old Syrian was in court because he nearly killed a 24-year-old German woman in a brutal knife attack. The “refugee” Abdullah A. slashed the woman from her chest to her lower abdomen. He told the judge that according to his religion, he is allowed to do so. The victim survived only by a miracle.

With the knife, the “refugee” not only broke the ribs of the victim Vivien K., but severely injured her liver, stomach, kidney, intestine and pancreas. The young woman fell into a coma. Her spleen and parts of the pancreas had to be removed. The crime happened in Hannover.

In court the Syrian stated, that in his country it is normal to solve conflicts with a knife. If you are insulted, stabbing is permitted. In worse cases, it is also permitted to kill a person. These are the customs in his homeland, which the defendant insists upon. The defendant’s lawyer reflects what his client has said, “His behavior was not objectionable according to religious requirements. Abdulla A. does not understand why he has to be detained,” according to the Bild newspaper.

His making statements of this sort show clearly why mass immigration of Muslims to Western countries will lead to a clash of cultures. Especially once the cause of this beastly attack is understood. The defendant’s brother and cousin were involved in a dispute with Vivien’s boyfriend at a supermarket — in which the 17-year-old joined. This trio first began to beat the boyfriend on the street, causing Vivien K. to intervene in an attempt to calm the situation. At which point, the offender stabs her and slashes her entire torso from breastbone to the lower abdomen. A 40-centimeter long scar will bear witness to it for the rest of her life.

Abdulla A., who has to answer to the juvenile court for attempted manslaughter, describes himself as a “model refugee”.

Although this was posted yesterday, it seems singularity relevant here:

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  1. Will the German Judge follow precedent and accept the statement as enough justification to left the invader off or will he follow common sense and send him to the pen for a long time?

    • You really are unsure? Germany, like most Western countries, has to dispose of/disempower the bureaucrats, educators and many of the lawyers and judges. Then, perhaps, they could begin to address the islam problem but they are hopelessly hobbled in doing that currently, due to the progressive-marxists who created the muslim problem to begin with: they are the underlying problem, and the muslim invasion is only a symptom (albeit, one that will be fatal to society if not addressed).

  2. Claiming Loud and Proud: Greater Equality.
    Progressive Dhimmitude: Virtue for all to see.
    The Liberal into crude: Beastiality.
    Mother’s Attitude: Her Bastards’ Trinity.

  3. Your strange website is technically very poor. It seems to be suffering from some very serious, crucial processor defect. Maybe the damage is also in the brain of the operator, this cannot be determined from here (only guessed). Well, what the hell. Who cares!

    • I care.

      The WordPress software has a bug. That’s fairly straightforward.
      If the Brains of the site bother you, you’ll have to be more specific: point of view? content? mix of media sources comments?

      Otherwise, it’s just YOUR problem. Free-floating anxiety of ome sort. If you don’t care, you might do us the courtesy of keeping it to yourself.

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