Woman asks question about illegal migrants, Trudeau has her arrested?

RCMP “You are going to go with me right now”

From The Rebel.Media:

Eventually, the woman was confronted by a pair of RCMP officers from Trudeau’s security detail. One grabs the woman by the arm, and says:


“You are going to go with me right now.”


She objects that she has osteoporosis, frees herself from his grip, and says that he has bruised her arm.

The officer asks her for identification, and calls her “hysterical.”

“Yeah, I’m hysterical, I’m a woman, eh?” she replies sarcastically.

The woman refuses to identify herself and walks away.

In a free country you can ask about government policy without humiliation, being insulted and belittled, and arrest. That is the stuff of the Soviet Union. Not yet China or North Koreas, but, a kind of basic dictatorship that Trudeau admires.



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20 Replies to “Woman asks question about illegal migrants, Trudeau has her arrested?”

  1. An elderly lady speaks – and asks an actual question (that every journalist should be asking daily). Right away, you can hear someone behind her accuse of ‘threatening’…

    Straight out of the Eastern Block playbook: she is not guilty of a political crime, someone thought that she was ‘making threats’ so we HAD TO arrest her for terrorism…

    And that is how there were ‘no political prisoners’ behind the Iron Curtain.

    Source: lived there.

    • You ask a question and they remove and even arrest you.
      What the hell is happening?
      It’s quite possible it might the subject of Maxime Bernier’s next tweet.
      God Bless Maxime Bernier.

  2. Last video: Am I the only one to see the yellow targeting dot in the mid-right background? What is that dot? Look at it. IF you don’t see it, tell me.

        • I agree with you. It’s very targeted.
          I’ve had one hell of a bad experience and anything out of the ordinary will now set off my instinct.
          So, when I see a roaming dot, I just want to know if everybody sees it and not only me.
          Thanks for telling me you also see it.

        • This is the first comment I see from you. Very sorry if the site is not working correctly. The current version of WordPress has some serious bugs and it is messing us all up, including me. Please do not take it personally, its a technical issue. The next comment also will be held for moderation but thats the way the site is set. It will get passed so long as you don’t call for genocide and what have you.

  3. Maintenant nous savons que Justin est un vendu aux islamiques.
    Rien à voir avec l’immigration.
    Cette femme est canadienne et il là traite comme un déchet.
    Il faut se débarasser de ce traître.

    • “Now we know that Justin is an Islamic salesman.
      Nothing to do with immigration.
      This woman is Canadian and he treats it like a waste.
      We must get rid of this traitor.”

      • Thank you for translating.
        Next time I will write it in English and French.

        A lawyer should offer this woman to go to court for abusive and intolerant police action.
        She did good at defending herself but these tugs should not get away with it.

  4. I think there was a bit more going on in that interaction, and I haven’t seen it picked up anywhere in any comments. If I understood it correctly at one point the woman asks Trudeau if he also cares about the (“pure laine”). In Quebec they are known as the “true Quebecers”, with French ancestors going far back.
    I think an additional reason why he got angry, was because he took it personally. He’s not “pure laine”), His mother is English. And at one point he says to her, “I am a true Quebecer Madame.”

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