UK: Foreign male rams vehicle into barriers at Westminster in act of terrorism

Daily Mail has good info.

More as it comes in will be posted here.

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  1. BREITBART – Security Minister: London Suspect a ‘British Citizen Who Came From Another Country Originally’

    Minister of State for Security Ben Wallace MP has admitted the suspect in the car ramming that authorities are currently treating as a terrorist incident is a “British citizen [who] came from another country originally” — or, in common parlance, an immigrant.

    It is not clear why Wallace chose such a tortuous form of words when making the admission, but he did confirm that the apparent attack was “only being treated at the moment as a terrorist incident, and we haven’t yet fully confirmed that either.”

    Wallace did not disclose the original nationality or religious background of the man, a black male in his late twenties, only noting that the authorities have received no indication that the “incident” is part of a broader attack.

    Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu earlier confirmed that one woman was hospitalised with “serious but thankfully, non-life threatening injuries” the suspect “collided with cyclists and pedestrians before hitting a barrier and coming to a stop.”

    He added: “Given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the Counter-Terrorism Command.”

  2. How will the government-funded NGOs rescue the in-shock driver?

    When will the Shut Up! march Against Speaking Out! be organized by the same NGOs?

    When will the expected opportunist photo-shoot and recruitment-drive for ‘Peaceful Islam’ be set up likewise, by those NGOs?

    • “‘He’s quiet, kind, it’s just an accident’: Friend of Sudanese immigrant held over Westminster terror attack tells of his shock as man’s family insist he is a ‘normal person’ with no fanatical ideas”
      “Speaking to ITV News this evening, Anwar Khater said he was sure Salih Khater did not mean to injure people yesterday when his car rammed through pedestrians and cyclists during the morning rush-hour.

      He said: ‘You can take three words to describe any good person, he is. He is very generous, very smiley… even in any event that happens. He is always participating in a good way.

      ‘All the media and all the stuff now, they are all coming into a lie. Because the accident, it is an accident. It is nothing to do with terrorists, it is nothing to do with any kind of organisation that tries to attack any government department or something like that.'”

  3. It’s going to require a lot more attacks on major government centers like this one before the politicians purchase a clue as to exactly how badly they have jeopardized their entire cultures.

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