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8 Replies to “Condi Rice on Putin”

    • He isn’t craxy and he is very smart, however the Russian economy is the weak point in his armor and the LNG contract with the EU is cutting deeply into the money he has to spend on his dream of rebuilding the Russian Empire. He doesn’t wasnt to be a political commissar but to be Czar. Don’t forget that Russia moved from The King being an absolute Monarch to the Dictatorship of the communist era, they have no history of political or even economic freedom. They are slowly returning to the political situation they and their ancestors have known.

      Slightly OT but not by much, don’t forget Democracy in Europe is only about 50 years deep with varying degrees of Monarchy before that. Germany was united in the 1840s, the Austrian Empire ruled most of Eastern Europe until WWI. With the exception of Britain and Switzerland the European governments were only semi democratic until after WWII and in Britain their government still had a lot of the Feudal system intact. To an extent (varying from nations to nation)_ Europe is returning to the old political forms with the ruling class using the Islamic Invasion to seize political power and start new governments that are to an extent new feudal governments with the different classes having different rights. The political class seizing more power and depriving the lower classes of rights is what will fuel the coming counter revolutions although most people will continue to think that it is the Islamic Invasion that is causing the uproar. We are witnessing the same thing in the US as the left tries to establish themselves and the new Nobles and Royals of a neo feudal system, this is why the left is working to disarm everyone, Britain is the only nation that managed to manage an armed peasantry and a feudal society and they did this only because if they didn’t the hungry Nobles of the European Mainland would have kept invading to seize power.

      • …Democracy in Europe is only about 50 years deep with varying degrees of Monarchy before that.

        That’s something worth thinking about. A shallow memory of freedom in the American sense of the word.

  1. Condi is an intellectual flatliner.

    “Disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States”.


  2. She is right as long as Putin is the Russian leader we will have to deal with him, and it looks like he will remain in power for the rest of his life.

  3. Stupid opinions of the fake scholar trying to sound authoritative because her audience knows even less than her about that part of the world. It’s painful to listen to.
    Putin has a typical Russian mentality and the common sentiment “The demise of the Soviet Union is one of the greatest tragedies that happened to our people” is not about missing the days of the socialism as a practical representation of the Marxist ideology. People miss something bigger that that – they miss the plane of existence where there was something that united various nationalities and where was a level of happy existence and coexistence because there was something else besides religious and national differences, common idea, perhaps naive, that people can live a pure life, crime-free, where everybody supports each other like members of a big happy family. People in the West are never going to get that feeling because they have never experienced that.
    Just look at Yugoslavia and what happened to it. Now it’s a multitude of small countries that want nothing to do with each other. Divided and weak.
    Similar thing happened to “soviet” people. The just miss that certain something what is hard to describe. They don’t want to be enemies with their brothers in Ukraine. But every globalist divisive force in the world wants that division. And the pain of that separation is ever-present.

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