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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson video and Robert Spencer on Toronto’s mentally ill gun problem”

  1. Islam take the weak. vulnerable, demoralized and disturbed of the world and recruit them into Muhammad’s Mafia.

    This is Communism. This is LGBTQ+

    Addiction to judgement, a powerful psychotic state of pride, with the scape goat of anyone sane.

    Sociopaths are drawn to Marx, pyschopaths drawn to Islam. This is where they can be despots in making a fairer world, to plunder for themselves. The Inverts are even greater than these.

    • Remove islam from a muslim and remove marx from a socialist and you have a lost “soul” as it is the very chains that sustain them. Strangely enough, in those who do so by themselves via willpower and intellect, you find strangely capable individuals. The fetters of indoctrination, tie up the weak, the ignorant, the stupid, the insecure and all chronically incomplete humans and unterMenschen is as good a way of describing them as any and damn sight more accurate this time around. Do note that the globalists also do their bit here and not just satisfied with the corrupted prostitution of education, continue this into adulthood with the aim of turning everyone into reality show couch potatoes who only knows what the MSM tells them and actually believe it. Remember that scene in Fahrenheit 451? Julie Christie played the archetype of the globalist view of the future average person.

  2. Are we seeing the nascent stages of weaponized psychiatry? –Old hat in the Soviet Union and China. Only now, of course, a different time, place and culture requires the methods be revised for effect.

    Could it be that heroes of the RedGreen Revolution such as the Toronto shooter, the van attacker, and the Ottawa cafe molester get the Crazy Clause invoked on their behalf to cloak true motive? This way the revolution can extend and pretend until the greater public becomes wise, and the task more difficult?

    For devil’s advocacy I ask, does this imply a cognizant intent? Is this akin to paranoid conspiracy theorizing? Maybe. But how often must the Crazy Card be played before it’s crazy to not ask these questions? And why is it conspicuously played with some attacks and not others? I don’t recall that it was played with Marc Lapine, Canada’s worst mass shooter. But then it was not common knowledge that he was the son of an Algerian muslim, making him muslim. This fact was more easily concealed because of his fake, non-muslim name. Also, perhaps the Crazy Card had not yet been refined as a modern tactic back in ’89. Regardless, it seems to be used when plausible deniability is challenged, such as when an Islamic name is attached to an event. Then, the rules of engagement invoke the Card, hiding from the public more credible possibilities.

    It hardly matters if the culprit is really nuts if he is being deployed as a combatant. It simply means that opportunistic, sane soldiers of Allah have convinced a person of mental defect to carry out a mission.

    Under the Soviet system, dissidents could be deemed “insane” to remove them from society. Now the same designation is used to excuse the bad apples of our cultural enrichment. This way the enrichment can continue unabated.


    Next, a bag of chips means insanity. Now I think we’re getting the hang of this Crazy Card thing:


    What’s in store for us next? Conservatives being hauled off to the funny farm? Stands to reason. The pattern of the last few years suggests many things are possible that we could not have imagined before.

    Setting events in the context of a Soviet-type system may provide a predictive component that is missing, and required.

    • What’s in store for us next? Conservatives being hauled off to the funny farm? Stands to reason. The pattern of the last few years suggests many things are possible that we could not have imagined before.

      This depends on how docile the public is, will they react against the government labeling dissent as a mental illness will determine if this is done. Look at the way the Dems trotted out a number of headshrinkers to try and label Trump as mentally Ill in an early failed soft coup. When this didn’t work they returned to the Russia frame job and have stuck with it since. Since it is looking like the Russia lie is falling apart I don’t know what they will do next.

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