Meir Weinstein of JDL Canada on Toronto jihad attack

CAUTION: This video was pulled from Facebook. Meir had his notifications on, so that as he recorded this, there is the occasional loud Facebook ‘chime’ interrupting him. I did not want to edit or tamper with this video so I just put it on YT as is. Yes, it is annoying. Blame Facebook. I do all the time.

Add this:

WARMINGTON: Was Danforth attack terror, or terrorism?

His family released a statement to CBC News expressing their “deepest condolences” to victims and their families,  saying their son struggled with “severe mental health challenges.“


Meanwhile, my law-enforcement sources confirm investigators are looking at every avenue — including a potential Jihadi-inspired mission.

Files being reviewed by police include concern Hussain expressed “support” for a web site that was seen as “pro-ISIL,” says a law enforcement source.

Sources say police in Toronto and CSIS officials in Ottawa, as well as the RCMP, are looking into his past which sources say include his residence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Hussain apparently had been spoken-to by authorities about his online activities. Sources say Toronto Police, the OPP and the RCMP have all had an interest in the now-deceased alleged shooter.

Also this tweet:

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6 Replies to “Meir Weinstein of JDL Canada on Toronto jihad attack”

  1. Canadians are incapable of action.They are sleepy and cold and taxed to the teeth.
    In 2004 it was the most disgusting political correct place I have ever been, similar to the communist east Europe.
    I hate it there.
    The only thing that is good in Canada is nature.The rest is mostly people moving like little machines and robots from one day to another.
    I am not surprised.

  2. Go right ahead, and endlessly squeal about “their “deepest condolences” to victims and their families, saying their son struggled with ‘severe mental health challenges.’

    Tough sh!t.

    Marry your first cousins for several centuries and just see what happens…

    This crap’s over and done with. Keep on protesting that your wee bairns are so prim and proper, then see how restrained we are about bombing the hospitals where they’re born.

  3. On firefox I am getting a loud pinging noise and other sounds at a periodic intervals when watching this video. This isn’t happening with other videos on your channel.

    • Thank you, Richard.

      At my end of things, there is a routine failure of the ISP to fully refresh the page after my toggling the “Post Comment” button.

      Over half the time, I’m directed to a an ‘unrefreshed’ VTB blog where my input absolutely WILL NOT appear without a minutes-long page refresh.

      Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?

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