Hey presto and ABRACADABRA! The CBC does its Marxist magic!

The CBC does its transformative magic and the jihadi who is responsible for death and destruction and the wounding of many in Toronto, is hereby magically TRANSFORMED into the VICTIM of mental illness! It is OUR fault for not having helped him more!

Katie Hopkins nails it:

I don’t even know this guy and he has more credibility for me than does the narrative pimping, CBC.

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  1. You beat me to it, tabernac! Here I am searching for the moral inversion of mental illness and you found it first, Eeyore. Except I’ve found something else herein. This is not the first mention I found of a man arrested at the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill this afternoon. The article does the link to the Toronto tragedy, not I. In every case it is mentioned at article’s end, just in passing. Does it matter, I don’t know. But I do know that we have to be code crackers now to stay one step ahead of the narrative writers.

    • The prayers and the rituals are very important, if not dangerous, in Islam.
      They follow a certain pattern that, in groups, can hypnotize (trance) an individual combined with the words. If there is a sing-song, it’s by far worse.
      And then we wonder why they go off the deep end suddenly.
      Most people now recognize we have a major problem but they don’t understand the prayer ritual. Law enforcement neither.
      We are doomed.

      • The prayers and the rituals are very important, if not dangerous, in Islam.

        I feel it instinctively. I won’t watch any more clips of them praying or listen to them braying curses online. Like voodoo or spirit-cooking, noxious stuff.

  2. One armed off duty cop, or veteran , or a concerned citizen with a concealed carry permit could have sent this Jihadi to Hell in a heartbeat….and saved lives and grievous bodily harm to many……instead…..what we have is another gun free zone….a target rich environment for killers on the prowl……

  3. Crazy violent guys like Faisal Hussain exist today and will exist tomorrow. They also existed when Muhammad spoke the verses of the Quran. And Islam uses such crazy violent guys as a secret Brownshirt organization for the enforcement of Sharia law but can stand back and disavow them if the Infidel gets too angry or is too strong at the time. It’s not “official” but we all know it’s there. We all know that if you stand up to the Muslims a crazy guy with a history of mental illness might just turn up at your doorstep and cut off your head or throw a bomb through your window. Then the Muslim apologists will stand back and say, “Oh, the poor boy was suffering so from his mental illness. It’s not Islam’s fault that he did exactly what it says for him to do in the Quran.”.

    I don’t care how crazy Faisal Hussain was he was sane enough to follow the commandments of Muhammad and to fight the Infidel in the cause of Allah…

    • Comment Link:

      “Vatican Bishop Confesses Plan to Destroy Western Nations” by Mark Hunt – July 20, 2018

      Interview Link:

      “Dietro i migranti c’è un piano per cambiare i popoli europei”


      C’è una grande discussione attorno al tema dell’immigrazione. L’Italia è stata lasciata sola dall’Unione europea? La Chiesa continua a richiamare il nostro paese “all’umanitarismo”.

      “Il fenomeno della cosiddetta “immigrazione” rappresenta un piano orchestrato e preparata da lungo tempo da parte dei poteri internazionali per cambiare radicalmente l’identità cristiana e nazionale dei popoli europei. Questi poteri usano l’enorme potenziale morale della Chiesa e le loro strutture per conseguire più efficacemente il loro obiettivo anti-cristiano e anti-europeo. A tale scopo si abusa il vero concetto dell’umanesimo e persino il comandamento cristiano della carità”.

      There is a great discussion around the theme of immigration. Has Italy been left alone by the European Union? The Church continues to call our country “to humanitarianism”.

      “The phenomenon of so-called” immigration “is an orchestrated and long-prepared plan by international powers to radically change the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.These powers use the enormous moral potential of the Church and their structures for to achieve their anti-Christian and anti-European objective more effectively: to this end the true concept of humanism and even the Christian commandment of charity are abused “.

  4. Our son had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life.

    Boy howdy, guess where those problems came from you INBRED, CONSANGUINEOUSLY MARRIED, BUNCHA INCESTUOUS, COUSIN-BUGGERING MAROONS?!?

  5. on the Globe and Mail :

    Even amid such horror, Toronto’s Danforth community will remain strong

    […]Groups of people stood stunned on the sidewalk, trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.

    […]Toronto is a safe city.

    […]The best way to respond is to go about our business just as before.

    Is our health system doing enough for those with mental problems that might erupt into violence? Could something more have been done for the 29-year-old man identified as the shooter?


    CBC :

  6. When does the crazy killers unhappy family sue the government for 10 million over its failure to cure the boy? How does a crazy muslim get a handgun, ammo and a Bataclan costume to make his grand exit? I wonder if the local mosque is short a side arm from its inventory?

  7. CBC – Friends and neighbours of Faisal Hussain struggle to understand what sparked Danforth shooting

    Friends and neighbours of Faisal Hussain are struggling to understand what sparked the deadly shooting rampage on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue. Sunday’s shooting left two people dead and 13 wounded.

  8. jihad watch – Toronto Star reporter tells Ezra Levant his reporting “won’t be tolerated,” orders him to delete tweet

    For decades, the establishment media had a virtually monopoly on the public discourse, and told Americans what they should believe about issues and individuals; now that monopoly is crumbling, and the Left’s fear and hysteria over losing its hegemony is palpable.

    Here, the Toronto Star’s Jennifer Pagliaro demonstrates her hate and rage over actual journalism — reporting that doesn’t follow the establishment line — and demonstrates the hard-Left’s authoritarian tendencies and inveterate opposition to the freedom of speech.




  9. “Hussain’s family in a statement says,’Our son had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life.’ [Ever since we screwed him over from a Call to Prayer at birth, circumcision, and a submission-to-dhimitude until he found and killed someone with the love of life. Sweets anyone?]

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