Whoopi Goldberg’s weaponized sanctimony

Once upon a time, say, a scant 3 years ago, I would dismiss a clip like this as gossip level politics and not worthy of a post. Ratings bait. But now, its a data point for the degree of symptoms of rabies that the left exhibits more and more often. The staggering self righteous hatred against anyone with a classical liberal narrative. In many, even maybe most cases, they have synthesized their reasons for this kind of bile and hatred and the actions they spawn. But that hardly matters anymore. In fact it doesn’t matter anymore.

You can show someone proof that what they think is wrong to their own standard of evidence and they will just rage on to another fiction and continue like that till they circle back to the first one.

Something new is going on. And its dangerous.

H/T Richard.

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  1. This data point is another point marking the path to open violence against the classical liberals, the civil war has started and people need to realize this if they want to survive.

  2. Anyone who can stand more than a few seconds’ exposure to Whoopi Goldberg is welcome to it. Her presence on-camera only takes several frames in order for my gorge to rise.

    Putting the “@ss” back in “asinine”.

  3. At least our moral superiors like Whoopi can lecture us about the meaning of rape. I guess she thinks it’s all OK as long as it’s over the age of 9?

    • When a person has drugged and sodomized a young girl, you can bet as David Carradine, they are going to do it again. All addictions do not make the man, but the beast will consume them when they become proud and come out and define it as their identity.

      Whooping moving it to not “rape rape,” is like personality addiction being called Gay Marriage.

      • All addictions do not make the man, but the beast will consume them when they become proud and come out and define it as their identity.

        Too well said, PerfectChild!

        How to make Hollywierd look in the mirror (and not the glass coffee table).

  4. If Yuri Besmenov were alive he would say that the point of “crisis” has been achieved and that the important agents are already in place. That’s what Yuri said. Rob Reiner? Arnold Schwartzenegger? Maxine Waters? Carl Reiner? Al Sharpton? Robert Deniro? Alec Baldwin? Just think how enduringly loyal those people have been to the other side over the years. Why would that be? Michael Moore? Lorne Michaels? Those are all exactly the kind of rising movers and shakers that Yuri said they targetted. And suddenly it’s as if a whistle has been blown and it’s time for overt violence to begin. Like the hushed-up Las Vegas Massacre and the senators playing baseball and leftists attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders eating dinner with her family…

    • Too right, Chris Jones!

      Please, oh please, keep pecking away at those keys. Eh?

      Bezmenov’s words were far beyond prophetic…

    • While I am typing this I am watching FOX News and the news on how the Dems are talking is scary, the non comedian Wolf doing a video in which she deliberately compares ICE to ISIS. Joe Biden talking about how the Republicans are lying about migrants. Left wing ministers trying to get the liquor license taken away from the Trump Hotel in DC because the owner isn’t of good character. Another teen having his MAGA hat snatched. The NFL players objecting to being frroced to honor the Flag so that fans won’t be offended and the NFL backing down.

      Tell me that a low intensity civil war isn’t coming tell me and make be believe it because all of the signs are saying one is coming. A civil wat that will probably deal the final blow to the rule of law int he US.

  5. I first encountered this circle-back technique years ago in “debates” with supporters of “Palestinianism”.

  6. Goldberg? ugly is as ugly does and between her looks and her voice only The Colour of Purple justifies her existence.

    This is a common quote WRT Besmenov:
    “Those who favoured the Soviets’ expansionist policy into India were promoted to higher positions of power, affluence, and prestige through various KGB/Novosti operations. Those who refused to cooperate with Soviet plans were the target of character assassination in the media and press.

    Bezmenov stated that he was also instructed not to waste time with idealistic leftists, as these would become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial when they realized the true nature of Soviet Communism. To his surprise, he discovered that many such were listed for execution once the Soviets achieved control. Instead, Bezmenov was encouraged to recruit the persons in large circulation, established conservative media, rich filmmakers, intellectuals in academic circles, and cynical, ego-centric people who lacked moral principles. ”

    Sound familiar?

    • To his surprise, he discovered that many such were listed for execution once the Soviets achieved control.

      To HIS surprise?!?

      Imagine the “shock and awe” of these apparatchiks as they’re marched straight to the wall for being such “useful idiots”. If watching such a “ceremony” didn’t come at such an exorbitant price, I’d replay it a thousand times.

      Thank you, Michelle, for being able to quote Bezmenov’s words directly. I, too, am in the process of extracting the text of his famous interview with G. Edward Griffin. It remains one of the few windows America and the West will ever have upon the full depth and depravity—especially in terms of confronting the immense damage done through demoralization and constant fragmenting of our culture—of Cultural Marxism.

      This sh!t’s gotta stop and it’ll likely require some serious bloodshed. Don’t ask me when. That’s the question whatever poor sod at the barricades will be asking hisself right around the time when things go all pear-shaped.

      • They’d get you to walk down a hallway then someone would open a well-oiled door behind you, step out silently with a gun, and shoot you in the back of the head.

        • That is the method of choice, then they would make the body disappear and start disappearing anyone who ask about you.

      • Find the British TV series the Ace of Spies (based on the biography of Sidney Rielly) and watch the final show about the execution of Reilly.

        FYI Reilly probably defected to the Communists and lived until after WWII working behind the scenes in Soviet Intelligence.

    • What most people don’t realize is that there is a kill or re-educate list that includes all politicians, all teachers, all current and former Officers and NCOs in the military, all current and former police. All University Graduates are to be looks at closely and those who are unreliable go on the kill or re-educate list, especially those with degrees in History, Political Science and related subjects.

      The first on the Kill, not or re-educate list but just kill are the activists who grought down the former government. These people know how to destroy a government and will probably become disenchanged with the new government so them are the first to be rounded up and killed.

      This is the ugly fact the leftist professors don’t teach and most refuse to look at because it might make them reconsider their political choices.

  7. Whoopie Goldberg is practicing demagoguery as surely as Adolf Hitler. Instead of saying, “Jews” and “Gypsies” and “communists” she is saying “Republicans”. Like Hitler, Whoopie is giving permission for people who identify with and look up to her to commit violence against people like Judge Jeanine Pirro – literally. The Judge is going to go out for a quart of milk and some Whoopie-inspired black Democrat woman is going to punch her right in the mouth or stick a knife between her ribs and she’s going to feel right about doing that because the trusted “Whoopie Goldberg” said it was the right thing to do if you are a decent person and that Jeanine is truly evil and does not deserve to live. That’s exactly the same as Adolf Hitler. Whoopie Goldberg is trying to get people killed and that should not be legal. Does Whoopie’s “freedom of speech” include advising people to commit murder?

    • quote: Does Whoopie’s “freedom of speech” include advising people to commit murder?:
      That seems to be par for many leftists and eventually, as with myself, the opposition will come to the same conclusion that killing is the only solution.
      I gave up my high moral ground when I saw the blood of friends soaking it red.
      Now I just want a world that is just and free from political, ideological or religious prostitution. But it seems that money, and hence, power,will always bring such baggage with it.
      IMO we are at war with two subversive groups: one that pretends to be democratic but really has no intention of abiding by its rules(the left) and wishes to slowly for totalitarianism upon all while the other is totalitarian in design and intent upon using democracy to kill the same democratic states that harboured them in time of need to create a totalitarian (sharia) state…never think that a sharia state is just and fair as corruption and the untouchability of the ruling class go hand in hand. The killing will happen and it is only “when” not “if”. If we wish to win it had better be soon. I wish that I could be less pessimistic but I see it all crumbling around me and Trump is the little boy at the dyke and he is running out of fingers.

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