TERROR PLOT FOILED: Authorities Bust Plan to KILL 10,000 in California

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6 Replies to “TERROR PLOT FOILED: Authorities Bust Plan to KILL 10,000 in California”

  1. ouldn’t they let this guy have a few practice tries. Maybe those Crazyfornians would have learned something. But either way the world wins.

    • Next time some Muslim attempts to murder 10,000 people in San Francisco, let him.

      Piss off, you toff, pommy rod-walloper!

      Watcha do is meticulously work up each limb (finger & toe) of the perp with Vise-Grips™ until every last single intervening osteological member is shattered (at least once). By that time they will have revealed every last cell-identity and blah-blah-blah, oingo-boingo shred of information they’d never, ever thought they’d even had to offer.

      “10,000 people” traded off for less than a baker’s dozen of terrorist swine??? How fü¢king sick are you!!! Börk Börk Börk

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