Multiculturalism in India

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  1. Multiculturalism in India

    Couldn’t they have saved considerable expense and just recorded the entire segment’s audio track at a local Zoo’s Chimp House?

  2. You sure this isn’t the CBC, Eeyore? They cut to five tard knobs sitting there like, well, tard knobs just when the fight got going. On second thought when the CBC does this they present the tard knobs as culturally enriching MPs who use their positions to pass M-103.

    • It is the same for all Socialists – they cannot enjoy anything, unless the Mob approves.

      So either the camera has to look at anything to avoid the audience knowing what they already know, or the pan to the Mohammadans is for ‘nothing to see unusual here,’ through the eyes of dhimmis. Like in the World Cup Soccer matches with regular pans to the spectators – where the feminized, look towards the collective for in-forming, to see if the fans are having a good time: their meaty morsel of feeding off their comrades’ energy to fill their own demoralized states. Those who cannot value or appreciate their own independent and worthwhile actions in anything.

      Battered Lives Syndrome.

    • He probably is disappointed in him, Obama didn’t destroy nationalism in the US and his governing through executive orders has allowed Trump to reverse almost all of Obama’s actions through executive orders.

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