The process begins in Korea

This is like a time machine. You can see how various powers are trying to further divide the Korean people, clearly to destroy them and using muslim migrants in the exact same way they have in Europe and North America over the past 2 decades. Remember when you could object a little like the Koreans are? Korea still has a sense of themselves as a people and a culture and a set of values. So they still have a chance.

I hope they manage to preserve it and learn from our example of what failure looks like. Certainly in much of Europe, almost certainly in Canada, and the US remains uncertain.

South Koreans resist arrival of Yemeni asylum seekers

There has been a backlash after a thousand Yemenis exploited a visa loophole to apply for refugee status. Many South Koreans are concerned that Muslims will fail to integrate into their society.

(Loophole, refugees, if I were Korean I would be after Soros right about now.)

Yemeni asylum seekers taken into custody after fight

Two Yemeni asylum seekers have been taken into custody on the southern island of Jeju for using violence against each other in a fight over washing dishes, police said Monday.

The two, who are aged 36 and 37 and work as crewmen, allegedly brandished weapons or punched each other Sunday afternoon after quarreling over washing dishes in the crewmen’s quarters they live in, police said.

Police said they’re questioning the two and will decide how to deal with them after consultations with immigration officials.

How Jeju became haven for Yemeni refugees

As of June 21, 486 Yemenis, who escaped from their war-torn country in search of hope and a better life, are staying on the island, seeking asylum. 

The island is divided as some farmers are sympathetic about granting refugee status to the asylum seekers amid a sweeping backlash against the Yemeni refugees. 

“For the Yemenis, Korea is portrayed as a land of opportunity,” said Kim Dae-yong, founder and president of the Jeju Islamic Culture Center. “Word of Korea spread fast among those Yemeni refugees in Southeast Asian countries because Korea is livable and as we recently have seen on this island, asylum seekers are even allowed to work here.”

He said neither the Jeju local government nor the immigration office had imagined the island would become a haven for refugees when the local government teamed up with Air Asia last year to offer direct flights between Jeju and Kuala Lumpur. 

The Yemenis initially flew to Malaysia where foreigners can stay up to 90 days without a visa. Unable to extend their stay in the Southeast Asian country, they looked for other visa-free destinations where they could stay permanently. South Korea, which grants asylum to refugees if strict conditions are met, has been emerging as an attractive destination. 


The official said islanders are concerned about the Yemenis, noting the public opinion about the refugees on Jeju is not quite different from the overall atmosphere of the country. 

“People here heard a lot about what happened in Europe, such as Germany, after the influx of refugees. Citizens are concerned about security and their own safety. I know some are worried Yemenis would steal jobs previously held by Koreans. I think few people here are convinced by such claims. The primary source of the backlash against Yemeni refugees here is fear for security,” he said. 

Many of the Yemenis stay at cheap tourist hotels and some have become homeless and sleep in parks. 

Some residents and tourists, feeling unsafe, called for the local government to take necessary measures to ensure their safety.

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31 Replies to “The process begins in Korea”

    • Thieves Rip Gold Teeth from Man’s Mouth on Street of Troubled Paris No-Go Zone

      Garsh, didn’t they do almost this same exact same thing at death camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sajmiste, Be?zec, Maly Trostenets, Bergen-Belsen, Sobibor, Natzweiler-Struthof, Maly Trostenets, Che?mno … need I go fü¢king on?!?

      Muslims … the New Nazis™, coming soon to a No-Go Zone near you.

      To close, yet again, it’s deeply disturbing that a once-conspiracy-based sorta loon website like Infowars is gradually emerging as a quasi-reliable news source. Be scared … be very scared.

      • PS: However disrespectful or inappropriate these words might seem, this is the Shoah all over again.

        The only difference is that this time, it’s not just the Jews, all of Western civilization is at stake. Why do so few people seem to realize this?!?

        • People don’t realize this because they haven’t been taught the facts of history our how outfits like the Nazi’s or the Far Left come to power. The left deliberately suppressed the teaching of history so they could use the tried and true tactics that have always let Tyrants gain control of nations. This forced ignorance of history has allowed the left to gain enough power that the pogrom against the Jews is started and most people don’t understand what is happening. Yes the concentration/death camps are just a short time away and as you said this time it won’t be just the Jews that are destined for the gas chambers.

          We are entering into a time when the entire world is shifting its political axis and old Empires are trying to reform. This is being done while most of the world sets by in ignorance thinking that the world political situation is the same as it was during the last half of hte 20th Century. We are no longer living in a world split between Freedom and Marxism, we are living in a world with the various flavors of Islam competing to see which will dominate the Middle East (and in their minds the entire world), where communism runs around colonizing the Third World and those who oppose them are considered the enemy. A world where drug usage has reduced the number of young people who can be allowed in the Western Armies. A world where the European nations elect treasonous leaders (I know we did the same) who work to destroy the nations they are suppose to protect. A world where the US President is suppose to let all other nations destroy our industrial might.

          The old world order has been destroyed and it looks like the new world order is going to be a high tech Dark Age with barbarism ruling the entire world. The think the enemies of freedom have either forgot or never learned is that civilized people can quickly learn to be barbarians but that it takes a long time for barbarians to learn to be civilized.

          • They don’t know history.
            That would be bad enough.

            They don’t know family, or community, or nation. Some identify with lower-order animals to such an extreme, they seek to kill butchers and meat-eaters. They “mate” with objects.

            Such decadence is unsustainable.

  1. Yemeni are probably the toughest of all the Arabs, real fighters. And Koreans are not used to multiculturalism, their society is somewhat closed and based on confusianism. So it’ll be interesting to see where this goes, I predict a lot of problems if the influx continues.

      • Yes, that’s kind of what I meant. When an Arab youngster gets in people’s faces, harasses a girl, or flips over 15 cents change, the average european will try to avoid confrontation, call police etc.
        Koreans, esp if they are old (=high status) will not accept being intimidated in their own country by the people who live off their charity. There’s also the loss of face thing.
        So that will mean physical confrontation. If the arab can’t win he’ll call in his clan, then the Korean’s neighbors will probably all get involved, and it’ll be running battles in the streets. If the clan loses it’ll be a blood feud, with car rammings, molotovs thrown in the night etc.
        We’ve seen something this in the US already, armed korean neigborhood watch, korean families protecting their shops during riots etc. Seen it in europe too, north-africans attacking asian communities.
        The question is how korean state and media will deal with it.

        • Given what I know about Korean History I expect the Korean government to come down hard on the trouble making “refugee” possibly including deporting them to their country of origin. We are reverting to tribalism (as you described in your post), the Koreans and many of the other cultures in the Orient never really left tribalism. Their reverting to it will be quick and probably very violent for those who aren’t members of the tribe.

        • The Koreans won’t tolerate it. They’ve endured occupation and war. They live too close to the sharp edge to be cowed by the word raycist.
          Their media will leave it alone. Excessive coverage will be considered “bad form”.

    • The only way out for any culture to deal with Islam is to refuse citizenship to asylum seekers aka refugees, migrants, and even those with residency permits. Any nation whose people are very nice is a nation that will lose to Islam.

      • There are already calls to revise the Birth Right Citizenship requiring that only the babies of US citizens gain citizenship at birth and that all others have to earn it. I expect this to become law shortly after the big violence starts.

        • There are already calls to revise the Birth Right Citizenship requiring that only the babies of US citizens gain citizenship at birth and that all others have to earn it.

          Time to abolish the “anchor baby” clause.

  2. Google Tokayer Korea
    to read the story of the must-have Korean graphic novel based on Rabbi Tokayer’s Talmudic writings. The Koreans are proud of their love for Jews, Hebrew, and Jewish culture. They have created a Korean connection to that Babylonian culture.

  3. Whatever the Koreans do, just don’t let these goat-humpers off of Jeju Island.

    In many ways, this is already very sad as Jeju is legendary for it natural beauty and temperate climate. They may as well have flooded Bali with raw sewage.

    At least one episode of the excellent K-drama, “Boys over Flowers”, was shot on Jeju.

    The movie, “Playful Kiss”, also was filmed at this incredible location.

    How is it possible for countries to pretend that importing some of this world’s most abject, murderous filth will have any sort of happy ending?

  4. Korea already has a small muslim problem, the yemeni just threw a spotlight on it. Progressives in the hermit kingdom have been slowly changing the country to be more islamic friendly. They allowed in downtown Seoul, the nation’s capital, a mosque to be build in the foreigner district of Itaewon.
    Then the educational material taught to the kids has nothing negative about islam. This is reinforced by muslim preachers coming into the schools, all looks good to the non-critical minds of the students. Korean girls have ended up marrying muslims because of these visits.
    Muslims have been going around the country giving away free qurans. Knew a few Korean grandmothers who graciously accepted these for more than reading purposes. Trouble is the progressive leader in the blue house, he seems to be on the side of islam. Pray for Korea, it already has rot and it needs to be cleaned out.

    • The creature in the Blue House – Moon – is said to be an appeaser vis-á-vis the North.
      The Korean people may be polite and currious about the exotic. Even try it out. But I can’t see them putting up with florid Muslim antisocial behavior. Not unless there’s a communist element undermining their identity entirely.

      • But I can’t see them putting up with florid Muslim antisocial behavior.

        This Muslim invasion may well make most Koreans wish that they had remained the “Hermit Kingdom”. In general, Asians are far less tolerant of foreigner (or domestic) monkeyshines.

        Too bad that the Koreans obviously watch this video enough:

        • EDIT:

          Too bad that the Koreans obviously DIDN’T watch this video enough:

          I tried to locate a version with audio because you can hear Blackstone’s homies half-heartedly decry (whilst subtly encouraging) his misbehavior.

          And this world’s Black population wonders why they are almost universally reviled throughout Asia. Small wonder that, just days later, Blackstone was implicated in the sexual assault and murder of Nicola Furlong.

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