…and Trump is the ‘racist’

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    • Does it tell you that he only was hastily recruited when the US appointed one totally fouled up on the first two subjects who died by strangulation instead of a broken neck and this appalled everyone?

  1. The Left created global warming, and when this ideology could not be supported by real data they turned it into Climate Change. Elon Musk is a clever opportunist who has been riding the green mantra now for some time. He creates electric smart cars that blow up and run into walls. He makes autonomous cars that kill their occupants. He lives the life of a billionaire all on borrowed money. His company has never turned a profit. He is the world’s greatest Debt is Money entrepreneurial fraudster.

    He is a symptom and a poster boy of our Keynesian false affluence, as is his company. It does not end well.


    • Actually IF you look at history and especially 13000-10500 BC you will find that human “global warming” is a bit of a joke. This is the time that created all the Noah/Gilgamesh “myths” and when a sudden melting of glaciers plus a worldwide volcanic upheaval unleashed a hell on this planet that destroyed 90% of species and probably 99% of man. We never learn and thus are doomed to have it happen again. Better learn to engrave on stone if you want possible posterity : )

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