Can someone please vet this video and document? Thank you

The Document she refers to appears to be this one. I have no idea if this is a real EU website however. This does deserve vetting, but it also deserves initial skepticism.

***UPDATE: First vetting done. YES its a legit EU webpage but for unfathomable reasons, the hid the registrar of the site. However it checks out as genuinely EU.***

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  1. “The Marrakech statement could lead to a fresh wave of migration
    May 3, 2018 3:29 PM

    The statement adopted in Marrakech within the framework of the Rabat Process could lead to a fresh wave of migration, and for this reason Hungary did not join the political declaration”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó declared on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday morning current affairs program.
    “Because the declaration adopted at the meeting held with the participation 31 European and 26 African countries concerns the fact that migration is a positive process that must be encouraged, and accordingly new migration channels must be opened and migrants cannot be differentiated based on their legal status”, he explained.

    “According to the statement, which Hungary was alone in refusing to support, the countries of Europe are supporting the position of the African countries. And this is totally at odds with the Rabat Process that began ten years ago, the original goal of which was precisely to use European funding to realise development projects in Africa in the interests of reducing emigration” he stressed.

    “Based on the mandate that the Hungarian Government has received from the electorate, it is its explicit duty to put forward its anti-immigration standpoint at every opportunity”, he said.

    The Minister also said the Austrian Government’s decision to reduce the level of family allowance payable to Hungarians who are working in Austria, but whose children live in Hungary, was unfair and unjust. “They are fulfilling the exact same tax and contribution payment requirements as Austrian citizens, and accordingly based on the European treaties they are entitled to the exact same level of benefits”, he said.

    “In such a situation the European Commission must take action, and it can make no other decision than that the Austrian Government is breaking European law”, the Minister said.

    Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s Thursday morning “180 Minutes” program, Mr. Szijjártó also criticised the statement adopted in Marrakech, and cited EC Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, who stated outright: Migration must be supported because while the population is increasing in Africa, it is decreasing in Europe. According to the Minister, this would lead to Europe solving its demographic problems using the African population.

    “In contrast, the position of the Hungarian Government is that we must solve demographic problems ourselves through supporting families, and modernising the vocational training and higher education systems”, he added.

    With relation to the Austrian Government’s decision to reduce the level of family allowance, he confirmed Hungary’s standpoint according to which by doing so Austria is breaking European law.

    “Wherever Hungarian people suffer unfair treatment or discrimination, it is the duty of the Hungarian Government to take action against it”, Mr. Szijjártó said.”

  2. This is the real deal. Your water or your freedom, it seems. Or, it perhaps, freedom is not compatible with a clean world. Our betters have decided our future. One needs only to look at the greenery of municipal politics–bike paths and the war on cars–to know it is Agenda 21. Private ownership of property will cease to exist if these Junckers, Macrons, Trudeaus and Soros’s get their way. Private property ownership is “subject to the inefficiencies of market forces,” as I paraphrase from the actual document.

    I can’t find the vid I was looking for but maybe this will do:

    • Yes this the new world government system carrying out its policy, here specifically focused on Europe. The top layer of this system is the unelected, unaccountable UN, and the EU is the enforcement arm of the system in Europe – except of course, at the moment, it has no police force, or military that will carry out the enforcement. Fortunately more and more people in Europe are objecting to the UN/EU policy of destroying civil society.

      Have look at this article from 2017…

      See, in particular, the third paragraph, as to who is going to given the right to represent ‘the people’ at this World Parliament. Its the NGOs!!

    • I hadn’t thought of the trial run idea, this would explain a lot. If this is correct (it probably is) then Soros and his Billionaire croney’s willingness to spend and lose millions to hundreds of millions is explained. They are play for control of the entire world, that takes a big initial investment.

  3. So it’s them that are behind these boats filled with Black Africans. They have some kind of system in place rounding them up and directing them.

    • Domaine 5: Return, reintegration….
      Give me a break! As if when they’ve established themselves in Western lands, they would want to return back to their homeland.
      Such a hypocritical document designed to deceive.

    • shudder
      Who’d be the real power behind the doddery Witch?
      Only Satan could hold together a consortium that would have to include Bilderberg and China.

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