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  1. It’s their Nazi genes

    Stephen Colbert:
    American people of English descent
    American people of German descent
    American people of Irish descent

    Donald Trump:
    American people of German descent
    American people of Scottish descent

    Oh, how I hate their whiteness!

  2. Last night I had a coversation with my Kurdish friend.
    He didn’t know that Hitler honoured the Muslims. He is
    very open-minded and tolerant. He finds the question
    of where he comes from racist. Only when it comes to
    his homeland Kurdistan does he become a nationalist
    himself. He also likes to talk about the fact that Kurds
    and Assyrians are “Indogermanics”. I have to bring him
    together with my left Jewish friend from New York (living
    here since 1983), it will surely be an exciting conversation.

  3. So, has Denzel officially declared himself an enemy combatant? I guess that means that ten women are going to appear out of nowhere and they are all going to say that Denzel raped them or harassed them in some way or they’re going to hack some kiddie porn onto his computer. Bill Cosby used to be the premier black conservative voice in America until they turned him into an unperson and killed his words forever, which leaves Denzel next in line. Watch your back oh my conservative brother…

    • You mean like Morgan Freeman is enduring now? Ohh the Left and Africans love their perceived “traitors”. In South Africa all would be given a tyre necklace.

  4. The 4th monkey totally ignored in that picture should be a muslim holding his genitals saying “Do no evil!”

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