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6 Replies to “Reason Vs. Marxism in the USA”

  1. This is sickening but not surprising, the left is willing to sacrifice everyone and everything on the alter of social justice, to them the idea that somone is better at anything then other people is an evil that must be stamped out.

    I blame Bill Clinton for this as much as I blame Obama, President Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers Union in the 80s and the Federal Unions when he fired all of the striking air traffic controllers and forbid their ever being hired by the Federal Government. Bill Clinton in one of his first acts was to rehire all of the fired air traffic controllers, this laid the groundwork for the Union to have the power to limit what is done to the people who are responsible for the safety of everyone who flies.

    When the Unions were started in the 1930s they were necessary to protect the workers, but the people who founded the Unions wisely refused to even think about organizing government employees. When the Unions were allowed to organize government employees we ended up with Union workers negotiating for higher pay and benefits and either Union members negotiating the governments side. This created the foot soldiers of the Deep State who are doing their best to oppose any Presidential Orders they the Union Members oppose. They don’t care what the voters want they are the government and are going to force us to do what they want.

    • IIRC, the allowance of govt unions like afge was just a Kennedy executive order and if I’m not mistaken, Trump could simply write another one rescinding it.

      tick tock tick tock tick tock until some 9th circus judge stays it and around and around we go, where she stops, nobody knows…

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