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2 Replies to “Shades of Westgate Mall”

  1. The Five Pillars of Islam
    Mandatory, (not if you can)
    Believe; in God and His man
    Pray; each fifth of daylight span.
    Give; so leaders feed the clan
    Feast all night; Ramadan
    Go to Mecca; fulfill the plan
    Tell the world; you’re better than.

    • A life to be a camel
      What your master says – he is.
      A life to be a camel
      Surrender to his bliss.
      A life to be a camel
      Submit and share your piss.
      A life to be a camel
      Sustenance don’t miss.
      A life to be a camel
      The marketplace to kiss
      This life to be a camel
      Is a ride to the abyss.

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