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9 Replies to “Katie Hopkins and Tucker Carlson on Tommy and The UK”

  1. Carved into Western Civilization’s tombstone will be Katie Hopkins’ words:

    “Where was the swift justice?”

    [Which Tommy Robinson mysteriously earned but none of the “grooming gangs” ever had to endure?]

    This distinct lack of equimetric prosecution and representation will (eventually, if not a lot sooner) cause NUCLEAR friction. Full Stop. End of line.

    • It won’t stop until someone strikes at the root of Islam, and takes it out. Islam has done more to silence dissent in the West than all other factors combined.

        • The left uses Islam as its second army, the army comprised of very low-intelligence, openly belligerent males — and some very vicious women.
          The left mustn’t get its brand too sullied, don’t you know, Antifa notwithstanding.

  2. It looks like Tommy is going to be a rallying cry for the freedom lovers of the world, as Tucker said no matter what you think of Tommy the actions of the British Government should scare the hell out of you alarm all who love freedom and equal justice under the law.

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