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12 Replies to “The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? Michelle Malkin Investigates”

  1. It has started over here, now if we can get the police and prosecutors to arrest and prosecute the invaders it will slow down the Islamization of the US.

    • I was going to say that it is ALREADY here and has been for quite some time – it simply gets covered up if not downright ignored. How many reports have we seen soft peddled out of some of the moslem enclaves in Idaho?

  2. I believe the same is happening in areas with a high Muslim population in Australia as well. Not mention the cover up by the authorities.

    A while back a gang of young Muslim Lebanese men who raped many girls in Sydney got attention in the press. Maybe knowledge of other similar gangs operating triggered the Cronulla riots in 2005 between Anglo-Celtic Aussies and the Muslim Lebanese.

    • Knowing the immense respect American troops have Australian Diggers, I’ll withhold all other comments.

      America should be so fortunate to have an ally like Australia.

      End of Line.

    • Post modernists, Marxists, progressives and islamists seem to have a stranglehold on the education system in the West, at all levels. If we who believe in classical liberalism and freedom are to have a chance, we must somehow chip away at that stranglehold. Somehow.

      • We are chipping away with this and other blogs getting the truth out and pushing for the retention of Greek Thought. Recently I was talking with an acquaintance about her new grandchild, I suggested that when it came time for the kid to go to school they use home schooling. She said they were already talking about how that is the way to go to insure that the child gets a good education. I don’t know what is happening (or allowed) in other nations but in the US more and more people are going to home schooling.

        • We homeschoolers (and those of us who were homeschooled) say “homeschool” rather than “home school”.
          Militant homeschoolers insist on the distinction: “home” is a place, “homeschool” a verb, a movement, and a trend!

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