São Paulo Brazil: Illegal street vendors fight police

Videos show the confrontation between the military police and Muslim Senegalese who were doing illegal street trading. In general, when the police intervenes to curb illegal trade, street vendors flee (of course, trying to preserve their goods). But the attitude of the Muslims is of confrontation with the police!

Bairro do Brás has seen a massive and growing arrival of Muslims in the last two years. They come from Bangladesh, Morocco, Mali, Mauritania and other Islamic countries, but mainly from Senegal. Nowadays, in the streets of Bras, Brazilians are already a minority. Not to mention that many Brazilian women are marrying Muslims, throwing away their culture and belief, and becoming Muslims!

The Senegalese are trying to take over the street trade and even use threats for this purpose. The Senegalese are young and very strong, trained for the fight and many know martial arts. Whoever supplies the goods to them is something that remains a mystery.

Little by little they try to fend off the Brazilian, Haitian and Angolan (mostly Christian) travelers.

The Brás Quarter becomes, little by little, the “Molenbeek Paulista” (Molenbeek is a district of Brussels, capital of Belgium, known as a no-go zone, which became famous as a hiding place of jihadists than current in Europe).

This problem goes completely unnoticed by the population and without any mention of the press.

All thanks to José Atento. Blog “Lei Islâmica em Ação”

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