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  1. Forward >>> Life In The USSR
    USHANKA Show Playlist – Shopping 46 – 52

    “LIFE IN USSR 46. Shopping in the Soviet Union. Stores ‘Milk,’ ‘Bread’ & ‘Fish'”
    USHANKA Show – Published on December 9, 2017
    “Ushanka Show” is a collection of stories about life in the USSR, Russia and Ukraine. In this video we will talk about the Soviet retail system and the way the people in the USSR used to shop.
    I was born in the USSR in 1971 and remember really well life Soviet style. ))

    • I was born in the USSR in 1971 and remember really well [the] life Soviet style.

      Dear EB, please accept my sincere sympathies. Second only to Communist China (just maybe) the Soviet Union was a death factory of insane proportions. It further grieves me to observe what has risen from the USSR’s ashes.

      Putin’s cozy little oligarchic mafia was the very last thing an already beleaguered Russian people needed.

      • PS: Watched the eighteen minute video. It reminded me a lot of my 2001 trip to Armenia. Maybe it was just the crappy Soviet architecture but it was heartbreaking to see one of this world’s most ancient cultures in such reduced circumstances.

    • I spent many years with a guy that studied for four years behind the Iron Curtain.
      He told me about the shoes: no right or left foot. All shoes were straight. If one was worn out, just replace with another shoe.

      That said, three years after Berlin Wall fell, I spent one week visiting East Berlin on my own (no tourism attached). No reconstruction had taken place. Very fascinating trip. What I noticed first: all shoes were straight.

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