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9 Replies to “Niger man stabs German ex-wife, child in Hamburg train station”

    • It sound like “The guy cut the head of the baby” to me.

      The video was taken by the Gospel musican Daniel Jeddman from Hamburg and Ghana who says:

      “This happened just a few meters from me! Just in front of S-Bahn Jungfernstieg! There is a knife attack! There is a baby and a mother stabbed. Please be careful if you’re going to this area. Good news is suspect is heard withheld. (Post edited according to current news updates, Video was a few seconds after horrific incident). May God protect this city, Hamburg.”

  1. I hope the German people are awake and getting ready to fight back, I say the people because I know their politicians will never OK any major move against any of the Islamic Invaders.

  2. If Western females keep marrying or just having sexual relations with muslim males, they (the muslims) will keep brutalizing and killing them. It’s pretty straightforward, really.

    • Some people STILL believe what their government tells them. Also in schools in Western Europe and elsewhere there is such a brainwashing of students regarding some migrants that I am not surprised that some females have relationship or marry wrong people.. Unfortunately for some of them the consequences of such decisions are tragic. So really, the responsibility for such tragic outcomes should also fall on politicians, teachers and various activists who propagate and teach kids certain viewpoint.

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