Muslim policeman in Germany, fined for refusing to shake hands with colleague

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What a magnificent illustration of the totally obvious and inevitable problems of the phoney concept of multiculturalism. In a way, its the most banal example of the week. But its one people can wrap their heads around. A million white British school girls under the age of 15 being systematically turned into sex-slaves by Muslims, specifically because they are not Muslims and therefore, are fair game from the muslim ‘cultural’ perspective, that people simply cannot grasp despite the overwhelming preponderance of evidence of it.

One of the main fallacies used by communist-islamic apologists however is represented in this clip. One form of moral or cultural relativism is used to try and create acceptance for this muslim’s actions.

It is mentioned that the Japanese do not shake hands, and Orthodox Jewish men will not shake hands with women.

The reason this is fallacious, is that you will not find a Jewish man so religious that he won’t shake hands with a woman, joining the police force in Germany and imposing his culture on others. The same would be true of Japanese men. If there are Japanese or Jewish men on the German police force, I would wager that they will shake hands with women, as it is a prerequisite of the job, as the Germans and Swiss both hold shaking hands a critical symbol of trust and cooperation.

It seems to be nearly entirely Muslims that use the racist policies of affirmative action and other forms of political pressure to force their way into positions of authority, and then imposing their culture on the rest of us.

This, is no accident.

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  1. I disagree with the comments about Jews.
    I had one a client coming to me with his mom , Alzheimer patient.
    We had to siscuss the balance of the drugs she is taking.
    She was forgetting all so I had to have a conversation with the sun.
    Well during the entire time the miserable idiot was reading the Tora moving back and forth not even looking at me.
    I had to transmit all info through mom …he never once addressed me he never once lifted his head from the book.
    I thought I could strangle the idiot.
    He was a Hasidic Jew … in Israel they are the once that most of Israelis hate.
    … and America funds

      • yes I am the doctor and I have to help the patient.
        What is the point to come if there is no positive outcome for the patient?
        I do not care about any religion, we are all made of cells and we all get sick.
        His mom was more important to me that his stupid prayer.
        You want to pray, do it privately, be there for your mom that gave you your life so you can actually pray.
        Oleg , you are a limited primate

    • Well recounted Myfreeeurope, a typical example of intimidation in childhood to believe there’s God-In-A-Book. This sweet mama and her son. Dead on the inside and dead on the outside. Fortunately, only the minority from the varied and wonderous Jewish community. A cult. But one which would dominate and ruin souls of everyone, not just their own, if they could. Always counter-checking with their past. All the Muslims have to is demonstrate ‘their Beast is Greater,’ to win over dhimmis such as these. For the vilest bully amongst Islam also claims to be the greatest submitter. Taqiyya. Such is the neurolinguist-programming, posistive and negative suggestion, affecting the minds and hearts of abused childhoods. So conditioned as being The Chosen, that even their very eyes cannot deceive them. And in all true-faiths, the victimization they attract, will go away if they lament long enough… and can get a goyem, an outsider, to turn on the light switch. As long as there are outsiders left around, for these level-headed people they are the real canaries in the coal mine.

      But far more important, is not to react to any of those locked to be sexually, emotionally or intellectually retarded. For their hypnosis, is not yours. “Do not resist evil.” Having a surge of resentment to struggle, tackle and fix it, will make it worse and they dig deeper into their shell.

      You will decide if just giving them their pills to anesthetize and prolong their life, is all you can do. ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do.’
      This forgiveness on the Cross from Jesus – near the end of that ancient moving-lips movie – directed by Luke. So by now, after all the adventures told in dealing and mastering egos, this message has finally sunk in? Lol.

      • Emotionally-menstrating. A mind operating below Reason and just above, Out-Of-Season.

        Mmmm. Not the scene as Myfreeeurope had described, but if dealing with a medicine-dispenser who you believed is your god-given inferior, then everything they say or do will always be seen, as you accurately expressed, “menstruating visibly” Someone who is untouchable.

        Two perspectives of the same event. Any thought-police officers want to arrest both parties involved as they had been described? Clearly both were offended by the other’s behavior – and think of the internet.

        • I’m not thinking revulsion or untouchable, rather embarrassed for the “leaking” female.
          Not superior-untouchable.
          Personal and overly intimate.


          The story is a _fabrication_.
          Unless tards are dressed up impersonating haredim, this is impossible.

        • The pt’s father likely followes what you said and was reading Psalm 21 in response. Is that not what Jesus would have done? Why flee His Jewish roots?

    • @Myfreeeurope. What the author of the article said is that Jews AT THEIR WORKPLACE surely would not act like this. That idiot was not at his workplace, he was at your workplace. Now, it is simply mind boggling that this cop was hired into de police force in the first place, with that obvious contempt for his coworkers.

  2. Shaking hands. A sign of good faith. For this €1000 fine, it was the not shaking of the hand of a female colleague ;but could have just as easily been amusselma not shaking the hands of any males.

    Your right is to decide your own method of sharing good will, because if it is not, then it is ill-will.

    Men shaking hands with women, but do not smile. €1000 fine.

    Mens’ hands are limp. €1000 fine.

    Wearing gloves. €1000 fine.

    Communism: “making everyone joyous.” © (Or else €1000 fine).

    The Nature of the Bitch can never be happy.

    People do not have to be forced to touch each other. If they want to bond this way, great. If they don’t, they can speak, and not have to peck each other’s cheeks- only The Collective makes them share toys equally.

    The Police. Marxist Enforcers. Giving Sharia Policing legitimacy.

      • It is better to say “what can’t be done!”
        Than declare each deed begun.
        For then the judgement’s final
        To worry which shoe to put on.

        In this a hand-shake is personal
        On how much or less is received.
        But now the law’s in reversal
        An offence: is what is believed.

        Fairness and Equality-evidence
        Muhammad and Sharia Law
        Gender and Identity pretense
        The rich who made themselves poor.

    • “Officer, I want to report a crime”
      “A man refused to shake my hand”
      “Did he deny you anything else?”
      “Well, isn’t that like smiling at someone and they didn’t smile back?”
      “Yes, and I also curse all those selfish people for being so rude.”
      “And you see this as personal discrimination?”
      “And Racist, Sexist and a Hate Crime”
      “And not narcissism?”
      “To expect to receive what you freely gave and yet will not let others freely return…”
      “I can demand a handshake if I want one! He gave all the men a handshake.”
      “I’m sorry, did you just change the complaint? Are you now saying whatever he does for other people freely he must now do for you?”
      “And exactly the same way. Outcomes must always be equal.”
      “So, let’s reverse the situation. Can he demand a handshake from you?”
      “If I had been shaking everyone’s hands out of politeness…”
      “An enforcement of your custom…And then what if the next person who touched you, got a sexual thrill from touching the skin on your hand?”
      “I wouldn’t want to…”
      “And then each and every man after that?”
      “I would get disgusted with myself…”
      “Then stop complaining whenever a muslim would not shake your hand.”
      “But it would still make me appear less than those other men!”
      “Real muslims do not shake the hands of any kufir, male or female..”
      “But I would then still appear less than all the muslim men…”
      “And if he hugged a favorite Islamic colleague?”
      “I want my hug too…”
      “So, you demand to lie down with the lowest dog and do what they do?”
      “That’s Equality!”
      “That’s Feminism. Chasing all the males down to hell. Making sure they’re soulless with 72 virgins, a dominatrix, or pretending to be female. So that their own female does not look ugly when standing next to a decent man. Female next to the imperfect femaled. A God of Muslims, Socialists and LGBTQ+ who react to her every move.”
      “How would you deal with it?”
      “I would be very pleased not to touch a zombie and just get on with my life.”
      “You talk as though we all had self-determinism. This is bourgeoise. Common Purpose trained officers, help!”

      The ruling:
      The answer: when you are weak, ‘there is no compulsion in religion;’ when you are strong, Islam, Communism and Phobia-philia will rule ruthlessly. Zero tolerance.

      • That’s one moderate imam!
        The sages held different opinions, therefore there’s no definitive rule. Islam is flexible: go forth, be fruitful and multuply!
        …..but there were a lot more “suggested” videos on the YT page that seemed to take a harder line.

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