A voice from one of the fleeing Swedes

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March 17, 2018
By Gellért Oláh

In Sweden the Muslims, and here the liberals, threatened the life of this woman

The Hungarian woman whose life was threatened, whose address was made public, and whose social media site was hacked recently moved home from Sweden because of the migrants. Countess Natalie previously gave an exclusive interview to M1 [Hungarian state television] about the attacks. She has been assigned former soldiers as bodyguards since then.

Countess Natalie has lived in Sweden for almost forty years, and moved to Hungary because of the deterioration of public safety. In an exclusive interview with M1 [television], she also described how regular attacks have become in Swedish cities, but the police ignore them.

The Hungarian-Swedish woman was threatened after the publication of the interview, her Facebook page was hacked, smear-campaign articles were released, and one of the liberal Internet portals even published her home address. After that, Natalie’s life was threatened, so she reported it to the police.

Countess Natalie is now protected by professional guards who are former soldiers, said Georg Spöttle. The security expert added: After speaking several times with a woman who returned from Sweden, they decided with a friend to provide her with personal protection. According to Georg Spöttle, because the facts listed by Natalie cannot be denied, her enemies are now trying to damage her reputation.

Georg Spöttle said: “This is a typical Leftist liberal smear campaign.” [This type of personal attack was the Communists’ favorite. They were the master of character assassination, and their intellectual descendants, the liberal-Bolsheviks, do it well, too. — Translator]

“Anyone who supports the government, anyone who is against migration, who wants a normal European life and who represents this view, they will try to smear and make life impossible for them,” he said.

It was not the first time that someone has been threatened for openly talking about the deterioration of public safety in Sweden because of migrants.

The Czech journalist Katerina Janouch wrote last year that because of the migrants, an increasing number of locals in Sweden are learning to shoot. In the Nordic state, the writer’s words were then called Russian propaganda by the Swedish Prime Minister, and criticized on Facebook. Among other things, he was quoted as saying that with her lies she pushed the cause of the xenophobic Czech President, Milos Zeman.

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7 Replies to “A voice from one of the fleeing Swedes”

  1. This is already present in Australia, Canada and virtually every other western country where citizen safety is inversely proportional to the numbers of muslims there. Hungary, Poland are trying hard to stem the tide but it will require concerted war ALL over the west to regain citizen safety. Islamic rats carry a far worse disease than plague.

    • it will require concerted war ALL over the west to regain citizen safety.

      In Sweden and a few other European nations it is too late for internal resistance to do any good, the Swedes who are listening to the band play the bug out boogie and are moving to nations where it is safer. Once there they have to organize and plan for the time when they can return and liberate their home nations.

      The war will be big and all consuming not concentrated in one area, what most people alive don’t understand is that the past 50 years of relative peace is the exception, not the norm. Throughout all of human history war has been the norm, yes there were breathing spaces when the nations stopped fighting to rearm to try and defend what they won or take back what they lost but they were preparing for war. These wars occurred every 15 to 20 years. 50+ years of peace have given many the idea that you don’t need to fight and they have in Europe found nations that were willing to disarm. They did this under the protection of Pax America during the Cold War and after, now post Obama we in America don’t have the strength or money to be the worlds policeman any more and the world is returning to the warring state period. The exception has failed and the norm is returning, arm for the fight because the peace at any price crowd is going to fail, that is what they always do, fail to keep the peace and make the wars worse.

      • Yep, the West has forgotten.
        It’s very real in Israel, very immediate.
        From drills to live-fire. Sirens, shelters, the “front” is everywhere, it’s breathtaking.

        Then something kicks in – the country keeps going. Civilians fight in their own way, kids are made to understand. An economy, services, schools, media, government….
        Scuds may be flying, but the orchestra continues to perform to a rapt audience. Equipped with gas-masks.

        A pause – tentative? Believe what you want.

        So much loss, impossible to imagine. Rush to assess the damage and instead you’re counting blessings: he can wiggle his toes! he’s off the respirator! she’s gone, but the baby’s gonna make it….

        By the grace of G-d, Israeli medics are the world’s best; gravely wounded survive mortal injuries. So the scarred and maimed are everywhere, everywhere. The war lives on, within. Brace for the next one.

        As you say so well, Richard, we’re in this “breathing space” and we don’t appreciate it for what it is. Time is precious, it’s life itself.

  2. Males running away.

    “A man accused of rape killed himself after police refused to believe that texts on his phone proved the sex had been consensual.”

    Screwing a female outside of marriage is giving the keys to a neurotic narcissist. Anything you subsequently do to right-the-wrong with her, to gain authority and respect in her eyes, has gone. The king-maker, this feeder of your ego with her pussy, has taken control of the house. If you wake up, (and do not move away to start the whole damn cycle repeated and repeated over again), then all you have to do is to protect the kids from submitting or rebelling to her vanity, to calmly explain the hypnosis of pride to them, to retain their own souls unscathed, and grow up with untriggered minds.

    Draw the beast out of a female to serve your beast, and there is hell. Draw the best of a woman to serve your best, and there is heaven.

    “His body was found by his mother Carole. His father Ronald, 76, said: ‘Ross would still be alive now if the police had dealt with the allegation sensitively.’ And Mrs Bullock, 74, added: ‘The allegation changed Ross as a person. He cut himself off.’”

    He would still be alive if his father had brought up his son to not to eat from the floor.

    “In one exchange, Mr Bullock said: ‘Well I hope u had a good time.’ The woman replied: ‘It was alright I suppose!! X.’” He thought it was over, while she still chewed it over in her mind.

    And justly accused of rape, he hung himself. For he did sneak a bit of opportunitism, and did degrade further the brother she was regularly feeding the life out off. She was tempting or was tempted – her role is inconsequential. All he had to do was admit his own complicity in their animal-deal – so then he could snub her lies. They would not penetrate him if he lived by reality. Knowing the truth about yourself sets you free.

    Her beast won. The creators of death for a sense of life in single-parent homes. And the world is filled with defeated absent fathers. These pushed out and crying victim. Males who do not put their staff in the ground and declare “Heaven and Hell shall not prevail against my child!” and become men once more. Looking neither to the left or the right.

    His Heaven he enters does not have 72 virgins to eternally fascinate and distract him, but is greeted as one of 72 toyboys to serve his mistress. Two results of suicides, of explosions or implosions, respectively. The carnal brains envision their God. The fatherless without anything else than sex to trade.

    Sweden is a Whore House. Run by the Madame. Muslims are expected to fit right in. Not take over the damn shop.

    • He would still be alive if his father had brought up his son to not to eat from the floor.

      Plus if the son had known he was a whole person, not a dog to be had by a bitch. Gang-raped by the Nanny-State

  3. She seems sincere. How many more are there? Why aren’t there more interviews of people choosing to leave western europe for similar reasons if she is not alone? Stupid questions, yes, for their obviousness. But questions that MSM would ask if MSM had integrity.

    • [This type of personal attack was the Communists’ favorites, they were the master of character assassination and their intellectual descendants the liberal-Bolsheviks do it well too. – translator]

      Do you want your name, address and pictures along with your family spread around among the radical leftists and the Moslems?

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