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13 Replies to “Tommy Robinson Attacked By Left Wing Extremists”

  1. Even if the police had watched this they would have done NOTHING! The UK is fast heading for civil war as someone will say “enough!” and deservedly kill some of these thugs then it will hit the fan. There is a massive groundswell of brooding anger in the population about this kind of behaviour being allowed and ignored by the authorities and it is 1930 Germany all over.

  2. Tommy needs some lads to stand by when he does
    his photo outings .. Al;l this rockem’ sockem’
    is fine by we need you as a spokesmen Tommy.
    Use more caution .

  3. Parents has no reaction when their children are raped or killed…I am sure Tommy will find himself very alone at a moment. And more noise he made, faster the politicians and police will want to silence him. Judging the “moral” status of brits, it will be not very complicated.
    I like the guy, I like his attitude when it comes about right and wrong, but longer he stays in UK, more dangerous for him and his family will be.
    Not even the hooligans dare to help Tommy…or UK.

  4. Given the timing of the attack, the police attitude and the youtube journalists who were blocked from entering Britain to talk to Tommy there is a large probability that this attack was authorized by some high ranking member of the British Government.

    • Richard, how could you be wrong here? There are just too many occurrences of this kind of “random” violence for the “authorities” not to be aware and/or in control.

      Given the atmosphere of vilifying the normal citizen through official policy, of displacing the builder-citizen and disenfranchising the law-abiding, one would have to deny all reality to not believe the attack wasn’t authorized.

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