Another view of the ‘ANTIFA’ Putsch at the Sargon event at King’s college

If anyone is still puzzled as to how this movement is enjoying such success, ask yourself what would have happened had you done this in college in decades past?

It would of course be extremely likely that all people would be arrested, identified, any students involved would be expelled and some kind of probationary criminal sentence would be laid on a first offense. Nothing life changing, but a deterrent against future actions.

So why are universities taking no action against students who are attempting to utterly determine what may or may not be said on campus? Doubly so when what may be said is a far cry from Greek thought?

Time to take home schooling to another level. Perhaps reinvent the university altogether.

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  1. Time to take home schooling to another level. Perhaps reinvent the university altogether.

    You could have the Professors post their lectures on the internet in the for profit sections and then arrange for the students to take test at regular intervals. The comments sections would be where the questions are ask and you could get graduate students to answer the question.

    There are already some things like this occurring but not for all subjects, I don’t know how this would work for the hard sciences with lab requirements but something could be worked out.

  2. I like the idea of a virtual uni’. There isn’t any point in trying to educate people who think shouting while wearing a scarf over their mouths is somewhat futile.

  3. Eeyore, I too wonder as to why these masked thugs aren’t stopped by campus security or by the police. Why is this tolerated? Remember a few years back when Christie Blatchford’s talk at the University of Waterloo was hijacked by student activists? And the university apparently did nothing at the time. That was when such actions should have been stopped, absolutely and unequivocally. Now this type of action (which I believe comes close to the legal definition of assault) is far more common and even predictable. Protesting ideas legitimately is one thing; bullying speakers you don’t agree with is quite another.

    In this instance, it appears that some already in the audience were prepared to take part on the side of Antifa, obviously planted there ahead of time to add to the disruption. Cowards with masked faces need to have their identities revealed, along with facing the appropriate charges. How long will we be waiting for that?

  4. Thugs’s parents needs to be fined $5000.00 first offense…it will end fast. Zero tolerance.
    Very disturbing … it is like « Palestine » hating everything and everywhere. Victims the day they are born.

  5. A primary goal at these events is unmasking and then photographing all of the Antifa operatives. Unfortunately, just walking up to one of these thugs and yanking down their face mask could (and probably would) be construed as physical assault. For now, the justice system seems totally unresponsive to the threat being posed by these ruffians.

    However, once one of these little thugs assaults anyone, that is the time to intervene, unmask, and photograph. These shiites need to be cataloged for future reference.

    • I know someone who was there and they are way ahead. With their crowd sourced computer skills they have identified most of the Antifa. Four at least are from Kings College Marxist Society.
      It will be up to the College to expel them and the Police to prosecute them for criminal damage.
      The good guys are fighting back.

      • This is great news. But the questions now are:

        Why does the school not use security to unmask, expel and charge on the spot?

        Why does the school not announce a policy, which shouldn’t even need to be announced, that this kind of behaviour will lead to expulsion without refund and possible criminal charges.

        Will the school do anything to those people once they know who they are or, more likely, will they charge the people who unmasked them as somehow violating their 4th amendment rights?

  6. Many of you are far too young to remember the SDS behaviour in the Vietnam war days unlike my parents, as this was the first time that police and university authorities often did NOTHING to prevent the violence (they talked a lot)and even assisted the culprits(especially the latter)at times. Those who were in SDS then are all now in positions of power and are orchestrating these groups and undermining any possible university resistance to them from within. This is the SAME disease that was fostered by the Marxists post WW2 coming to fruition and those mainly infected have had no real exposure to the harshness of this universe and so cannot appreciate what they are trying so hard to destroy. Ignorance of the reality that is life is the basis here and we can thank the Marxist teachers union, the education curriculum setters and the doting parents who have spoilt their children for this.

    • You are right, what is happening is exactly like the beginnings of the Nam protests. This is why I keep predicting the protests turning into riots and then turning into a civil war when the left starts losing at the ballot box.

      • What stopped it from turning into war then?
        Giving in to the protestors and letting the Chinese communists take over Cambodia and Viet Nam?

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