Tommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter for Stating Statistical Fact About Muslims in Grooming Gangs

(When truth is no longer a defense, the rules governing our societies need close scrutiny)


The controversial activist Tommy Robinson has been suspended from Twitter for quoting research which found that nearly 90 per cent of convicted grooming gang members in the UK are Muslim.

Mr. Robinson was suspended from the social media platform for 7 days for stating the findings of the Quilliam Foundation think tank, whose founder worked as an adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron on issues around Islam.


“90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslims,” Mr. Robinson wrote in a tweet on February 25th, rounding up the number identified by the Quilliam research, which found that 84 per cent of convicted groomers were Muslim in December last year.

Its time those of us who have not signed up to do so. At some point Twitter is going to be the new, Myspace.




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8 Replies to “Tommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter for Stating Statistical Fact About Muslims in Grooming Gangs”

    • No it isn’t just you, the left seems to be doing everything it can to create a new Cold War that they can use to take over the US.

  1. On the idea that the new Cold War is fake. What does this mean? Who benefits? Why go to all the expense? I throw this article into the ring while I look for more. I hope you do too. My feeling is that it has to do with money. Force a reckoning on debt, making the people understand we are broke, then imposing a new model with a new world reserve currency. The Chinese and Russians are on side. They’ve been preparing for years.

    He who has the gold makes the rules.

    • There are some points in the monologue that are right and a lot that aren’t.

      1) The communists were out to crush the west, still are for that matter.

      2) The Fed was set up by leftists to bring the US into the leftist world, it has succeeded to a large degree and needs to be removed with a return to a rational monetary system. For this o happen we have to educate people out of the idea that the government controls the economy and has to decide what happens. We need to return to a free market with a rational monetary system. This isn’t going to happen quickly but it will in the end be what all western nations do.

      I will have to find time to think about the rest before I can comment on them.

    • This whole thing reeks of the NWO setting up a One World Government with a One World Religion (Chrislam–a bastardized mixture of Christianity & islam) where they enslave the nations of the entire world. To succeed with their evil plan they must 1st destroy the west, especially America. That is why they Installed the Usurper, Illegal muslim Jihadist obama. He did more to wreck havoc & destruction of American society than any foreign power ever could. They had planned on Installing the equally vile hitlery KKKlintoon to finish the job. But Thank God for answering the prayers of the many & intervening on America’s behalf by sending us President Trump.

      The muslim Invasion of Europe & other western nations with the leaders of these countries throwing down the red carpet with the Welcome mat at their door is proof they sold out to the NWO. My guess is they & their families were promised not only money but that they’d be spared extermination. Maybe even an underling ruler position.

      Agenda 21 or 30 as I think they’re calling it now is part of their plan to accomplish the set up of their One World Government. The Globull Warming Lie is another one of their tools to destroy Capitalism–so said Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change in a news conference in Brussels Jan. 22, 2014.

      Even the Communist pope, who I truly believe is the False Prophet to the Antichrist the Bible warns us about, is screaming for a One World Government, Wealth Redistribution–the Globull Warming Lie, & for all western nations to open up the doors & let the Invading Hordes of muslims into our countries. The two-faced liar condemns America for wanting to build a wall on our southern border to keep them & the other Illegal Invaders Out, yet he has a Very High Wall around the Vatican & has Not taken in even one of the Serpents (muslims) into the Vatican to live.

      I don’t know how long this reprieve will last or what bumps & bigger scrapes will happen before the last big end time revival takes place, after which the True Church will be raptured out of here & then the final curtain of this age plays out with the Antichrist stepping onto the world stage, the Great Tribulation period & finally the 2nd Coming of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who destroys the Antichrist & his army. After which is the Millennial Reign, & then satan loosed from the pit for one final showdown before he is thrown into the Lake of Fire Forever & we all can enjoy the New Heaven & New Earth for all of eternity!!

  2. Got news for you on GAB dont use it it is a fake platform with algorithm scripted to get patriots away from youtube twitter facebook etc .
    I have not been active on GAB for allmoast two years now i cant find my own content and every week i get new subscribers whille doing zero on GAB .
    And every subscriber that subscribes to me has a million subscriptions those are bots look at your own subscribers and check it for yourself .
    Gab like vidme was invented to spread us thin and keep us away from the main big social media platforms and wasting your time dont fall for it .

  3. Tell Tommy and evryone to log into It is the future of uncensored conservative communication. Twitter is run by Moslems as is Facebook.

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