Facebook owner posts his intentions to force left-leaning, often fake news on its users

First, the link, special thanks to https://twitter.com/RedPillTweets who answered my request for the original post, after a fruitless couple of hours with a friend trying to track it down.

An excerpt:

The idea is this update will show more news from sources that are broadly trusted across the community and not only by those who read them directly. For example, take the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Even if you don’t read them or don’t agree with everything they write, most people have confidence that they’re high quality journalism. On the flip side, there are blogs that have intense followings but are not widely trusted beyond their core audience. We will show those publications somewhat less.


Preventing false news, hate speech, and other abuse is another important area of focus for us. In order to protect the security and integrity of our platform, we’re investing in both people and technology. We now have around 14,000 people working across community ops, online ops, and our security efforts. That’s almost double where we were a year ago. We’ve also built new technology to detect suicidal posts that has helped first responders reach more than 100 people who needed help quickly, and we’ve built AI systems to flag suspicious behavior around elections in real time and remove terrorist content. Thanks to our AI systems, 99% of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda-related terror content we take down is now removed before anyone flags it to us — and in some cases, before anyone sees it.


We’ve also made progress demoting false news in News Feed, which typically reduces an article’s traffic by 80% and destroys the economic incentives most spammers and troll farms have to generate these articles in the first place.

So what YOU find meaningful or credible, will be downgraded and what HE finds important and what you should think, will be upgraded. Just to be clear on what all that bulls*t means in his post.

Below, screen caps of the whole thing:

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5 Replies to “Facebook owner posts his intentions to force left-leaning, often fake news on its users”

  1. Does he really think people respect the journalistic ethics of the WSJ and the New York Slimes? I don’t trust anything about them including their editorial pages.

  2. I made a FB page for log ins on various sites. After several months I became curious and used it as I had so many wanting to be “friends” from my posts. However I did not realize that I had been “typed” and then spent the next couple of weeks with massive personal attacks from all directions which I could not understand and barely handled as they took up so much time. Then my spouse and a family member did an “analysis”( please do not ask as I have no idea of how) of the attacks and found that they were coordinated in time and originated from a Marxist group in Yorkshire UK. The end came when Assad supposedly used nerve gas on civilians as this was so patently stupid(if he really did) that even some of my well vetted “friends” “turned”. I still firmly believe that this was ISIS as had I been Assad and used it I would have made certain its was enemy troops targeted NOT useless (in the eyes of ISIS) civilians. Since that day I only use it as a “login in”(and that now rarely) and Zuckerburg’s actions and words since have just confirmed my view. You stick out your neck on FB and it learns far too much about you.

  3. You have a phone company… civilized people and uncivilized people make calls… so governments, civilized and uncivilized…spy on their users.

    Along comes facebook… government surveillance yet again for defense or democide… but this time the operator is in on the act. Your phone company says who can or cannot make a call.

    Ditch facebook. Their Net Neutrality is broken.

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