BREAKING: Romania – Official refugee policy

On Romanian TV just now it was announced that Romania will only except non-Muslim refugees from Syria, selected from a refugee camp in Turkey.

40 people for 2018, and 69 in 2019 for a total of 109 altogether.

Thank you Marianpiti for the rapid info!


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  1. considering the Muslims are committing genocide against the Christians it’s about time somebody stopped lumping all the “refugees” together. I wouldn’t be surprised if virtually every Christian living in the Middle East wouldn’t fit the criteria for refugee status, unlike most of the Muslims who are largely economic migrants or simple deserters, not refugees.

    And come to think of it, why would Romania of all places be stupid enough to let in huge numbers of Muslims? Have they forgotten where they put the impaling stakes?

  2. I dearly look forward to EU NATO forces being deployed in Eastern Europe only for top brass to unexpectedly discover that most of their troops have deserted in order to wed spouses that still retain some semblance of allegiance to The Continent’s original genetic mix.

    Living to see this single event is one of the few things currently keeping me alive.

    • There is a lot to stay alive for, including the victory that is going to come, the victory that will occur when the Europeans discover they are not evil.

      • There is a lot to stay alive for, including the victory that is going to come, the victory that will occur when the Europeans discover they are not evil.

        Richard, your positivist optimism is a pearl beyond price. For that, I thank you.

        • I refuse to believe we are going to let evil win, things may look bad now but there are many signs that things are turning around.

          • Yes we will win, and suprisingly easily if we have the right political will.

            (Tempered by Western Civilisation, Christianity, the Golden Rule, and/or a burning belief in what is Good and beautiful, not what is Evil, debased, and corrupted).

            Mass suffering on three sides can be avoided if we are not sold out.

            The focus of humanity should be on building, not on destroying.


            The velvet glove will come off the iron fist. It just has to go back inside willingly afterwards.

      • The sides are forming for the next war, I hate to say it but our old allies are (at the moment) lining up with the enemies of freedom.

        • … I hate to say it but our old allies are (at the moment) lining up with the enemies of freedom.

          I realize that this may be (ever-so-slightly) controversial, but didn’t our European “allies” conspicuously neglect any performance of due diligence when it came to reporting on (and, p’raps, simply bombing) the Nazi concentration camps?

          While I freely admit that a residually Antisemitic America reprehensibly turned its collective back upon Europe’s Jewish population … all the same, The Continent’s shared borders with that unmitigated, genocidal German horror imposed a far greater burden of responsibility regarding the fundamental task of reporting and documenting such incalculable evil.

          Given the unforgivable resurgence of modern European Antisemitism (and whatever Islamic / Nafri murderers that drive it), it ignites a fierce and unquenched rage to see this exact same genocidal horse hockey reemerge in what should ostensibly be one of this world’s most Enlightened places.

          Shame on you, Europe! To replicate such an indefensible redux of horrible inhumanity—especially in favor of an ideology so irredeemable as Islam—is to repeat your very darkest hour with (this time) “eyes wide open”.

          Damn you to everlasting hell, EU! Something that this tsunami of “immigrants” seems to be delivering in spades (as it were).

          • Everyone omitted to report on the concentration camps, this was mainly because they thought the reports wouldn’t be believed since the German philosophers were considered to be the best.

            As for bombing the concentration camps:

            1: The idea of precision bombing by most bomb groups in WWII was laughable, the reason the bosses (both political and military) signed off o n the massive raids (some as many as 1000 planes over the target bombing for hours) was to ensure that the target (factory etc) was hit. most navigators and bombardiers had trouble getting the bombs within 5 miles of the target. Bombing the camps would have killed the people we were trying to save.

            2: I don’t care how much money you have you don’t have enough to do everything that should be done. The money, gas, explosives that were used to bomb the camps would mean fewer bombs dropped on the war machine manufacturing factories. They more you divert from the military targets the longer the war lasts.

            Do the math, 1) we do the Germans job for them and kill the camp inmates. 2) we don’t bomb the factories so we are facing more planes, tanks guns subs. More soldiers die and the war lasts longer.

            Also remember you always have limited numberrs of soldiers, when he was a child my father broke his left arm and it was set wrong, he couldn’t straighten it. He tried to enlist (like his brothers) and was turned down. in 1945 the Army contacted him and said they would let him in. It was obvious that the war was over so he turned down the chance to enlist saying that since they wouldn’t let him in on their war he got married and started one of his own.

  3. Just so you know…

    In the 80’s, there were hundreds of Syrian students studying in Romania. Many of them married Romanian women and went back to Syria. Since the civil war started, all have returned to Romania, with all their families (children, parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, etc). So Romania has already taken thousands of people from Syria.

    • So Romania has already taken thousands of people from Syria.

      Unless we’re talking about Syrian Christians, more’s the pity for Romania.

      Just that country’s population of pediatric HIV/AIDS orphans is enough to warrant it centuries of continuing misfortune. The splendidly public execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu is one of the only redeeming events they have to celebrate in recent history.

  4. I know.a lot of Palestinians studied as well.
    I think in Romania civilization jihad is more dangerous because they have The tendency to sold to enemy.
    That is a historic reality for Romania
    The core is rotten there and the Muslim fungus likes dark and corruption
    Romania will never be so straight shooter like Hungary
    They are coming from 3 separate regions and they still are very different as mentality
    It’s complicated

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