Exposing the left: Links 1, Jan. 16, 2018

1. Just in case anyone still does not get this who isn’t a card carrying member of ANTIFA:

2. Worthy tweet

3. US allies meet on North Korean nuke threat

4. Guards’ Rage at Europe’s Largest Prison Spills to Streets Over Islamist Violence

About a hundred prison workers gathered at the Fleury-Merogis Prison in the suburbs of Paris on Monday night, protesting last week’s assault on guards at the Vendin-le-Vieil prison in northern France, which saw three guards injured in a scissor attack by an Islamist militant.

A Sputnik France correspondent was at the scene, showing a group of men, many of them wearing Union Federale Autonome Penitentiare (UFAP) vests, linking arms, shouting and chanting slogans as riot police made use of smoke grenades.

5. The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam

6. A useful flow chart for white people




Thank you Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, M., Richard and all who sent in links. 

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  1. 2 – He must think we are stupider then he is, he is using an anti Canadian hate crime to preach that Canada is intolernat.

    • France: Prison guards protest after inmate attack that injured three guards

      Scores of prison guards set fire to car tyres and palettes in front of the Fleury-Merogis prison in the southern suburbs of Paris on Monday, in an act of protest as they demand tighter security measures after a German terror convict attacked and injured three guards in the previous week.

      On Thursday, Christian Ganczarski, an alleged former member of al-Qaida stabbed three guards with scissors and blades while he was being transferred out of solitary confinement at a high-security prison in Vendin-le-Vieil.

      Protests by the Vendin-le-Vieil prison guards following the incident have sparked similar protests in prisons across the country including Marseille and Lyon.

  2. 3/ The Korean Olympics might just be the breakthrough.

    ==> For _KILLER FLU_.

    Not Zika, Ebola, even a dirty bomb. All that’s eyewash.
    ==> 1918 Flu killed 50-100 million people in two years.

    Since Dec. 2017 a new wave of A-(H5N6), avian influenza, has been spreading amongst people throughout the Korean Peninsula. It’s been incubating since a massive 2016 epidemic that was limited to poultry.

    The government has been dropping leaflets[!] describing hygiene precautions. Things are so bad the _army_ is out in force. They’re blocking roads, spraying chemicals, maybe praying. Extraordinary in South Korea.

    Nevertheless – the Show Must Go On!
    Masses of visitors crammed in crowded Olympic venues, jet-lagged immune systems, exchanging regular cold germs with avian flu germs, for the mutation that could well become ~~

    ~~ SuperFlu_!!

    • Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s not so bad.
      The Olympic whatever have decided to include the North Koreans.
      Let’s hope the ‘flu’ takes two weeks to take hold and the North Koreans go back home.
      Kim Jung-Un solved.
      God works in strange ways.

      • Yeah plagues are due any time, the Third world isn’t the most sanitary place at any time and right now conditions are much worse.

      • No, Sassy. It’s potentially as bad as it gets.

        The Big One could be like the Black Death in the Middle Ages. A virulent, pandemic flu doesn’t just fell the sickly and frail; it kills healthy young adults in numbers too great to bury.

        One can only hope Europe’s not too broken to effectuate mass screening and quarantine protocols. The World Health Organization stays on top of this threat, so there will be early warnings. The response has to be swift, decisive, and universal.
        Here the mechanisms are not widely publicized, but there are very specific procedures on the books. Stations are mapped out, and personnel drill all the time.

        I have a friend who teaches in the department of pediatric infectious diseases at McGill. Canada may be on a steep slope to hell, but there are still grown-ups at the wheel.

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